I took another blog quiz! -- And check out my blog's new feature LOL! XD

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Well, this is just a short update. I just added that flash player snippet. So in-case I don't have anything on my playlist, Something will play automatically. And hopefully, it nullified some unwanted mood.

That would be all for now, ciao! *big grin*


Sometimes... I have nothing better to do -- And a blog quiz

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Sometimes, well... like I said, I have nothing better to do. Well... not during my work but on free times.

Recently I haven't done anything alone for myself. Most of the times my nose has been burried deep in work that I don't think if people in the outside world ever experience the same thing that me and some officemates are actually getting. Talk about life being a complete witch (with a capital B). Well anyway, during work, it would be a long 3 to 4 hour rundown on things that have not been accomplished and those currently being executed. I'd have to say I'm quite thankful to be moved to another department. Well... not that I don't like my previous department but being there for almost 3 years (1 more month and it'll be exactly 3 years), you'd prolly be near fed up with the same job right? Well anyway, I got moved to another department so I'd say the work will be pretty much different (I'll try to post a more detailed version of this story some other time).