Just been a long month

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So I've been away...  I have a lot of tell tales to share but I don't think I'm in my right mind to discuss it.  (And since when have I even been on my right mind?)

And as I try to think of what I'm supposed to post here...  Those thoughts are still running around my brain.  Seriously...  I could use that whole "Nothing Box" concept but its just not working today.  I must have stacked it somewhere behind one of those other boxes...  I'm just not sure which one.  =..=

Although I have been posting updates on my twitter and plurk (and tumblr occasionally).  What runs in my mind don't even amount to any of those nonsense.  (But you may count that I'm still thinking and spewing nonsense at this rate.)

Oh and yeah, if you count the dots in this entry...  Including the dots in the "i"s, "j"s, punctuations (and ellipses)... (Are those what you actually call it?) You'll find 93 dots.  (Not to mention it has 1165 characters including the title, spaces and the "Now Playing" watchamacallit...)

So if you're up to it, go count it and make me happy for letting me mess with your brain.  =]


Yep I can be a dick too -- But I know when to restrain myself

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So here I am again camping in the office...  Yes...  I would've ranted saying "Fuck you Typhoon Ondoy!", but I might regret cursing Mother Nature.  Afterall, I have a feeling that she's been smoking some really powerful shit these days that even the simplest fart from her ends up in catastrophic proportions.

Anyway, this entry was made because of an inquiry Euri made on Twitter. And after I responded to her, I nonchalantly checked on plurk to (maybe) check on previous replies or reply to posts I find interesting.  I ended up reading a shared link posted there by Morrigan which reads "Dick Gordon. He deserves that name."

And yep, I read the entire post and some comments on that Facebook note.

As posted in verbatim...


What is the right question?

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The week has been heavy. And so have the previous weeks. Its only now that I realized I haven't freaking blogged. So now I write this entry. =..=

I've been posting the same question on Plurk since Wednesday. I meant it to be rhetorical but people thought of it as a karma booting plot. LOL! Unfortunately, it didn't serve that purpose. So I guess this entry should at least be able to explain why I've been asking such a nonsensical question. As it was sparked by a lot of events and so have people's reaction to those events followed.

Its only normal that people react after catching news or hearing something they're not prepared to hear. Well how the heck can you call it news if you expected it? =..=


Screw Disorientation -- A change of pace

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As the title suggests... Screw disorientation. Since I can't blog during the evenings. Might as well blog first thing in the morning right? No objections. This is not a topic for discussion.

Anyway... I've been lurking the interwebs and have been watching a lot of random and fan made vocaloid produced music and videos. Particularly, Japanese music. This last one so far had me playing it over and over.

The song is entitled "Palette".

Credits: MMD - MikuMikuDance

I'm pretty lost for words right now so I'll let the video speak for itself.


Allow me to celebrate -- This is still my interweb space

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Finally an August entry! Much has happened during this month that has kept me away and at bay from posting an entry. Whoa! I typed in something that rhymes! LOL

Anyways, this is a rather late entry with regards to the buzz that's been out since Thursday last week. News has been out and ArenaNet has finally released an update to their much awaited follow up to their Guild Wars franchise.

Enter Guild Wars 2 - In the Shadows of Dragons!!!

Website: Guild Wars 2
Video: ArenaNet's YouTube Channel

I'm still speechless because of this and I'm just blogging about it. LOL! And yep, this definitely calls for a celebration! Now where did I put my GW installers again? ''O|¯|_

This is just me being a geek. And you'll probably get more of this from me when I rummage through my screenshots archive just to post GW geekery.

End post.


Dealing with -- A short rant


Okay, I guess all that's left for me to do is to post a rant because I don't have any other entry for July. And to think I was able to make 5 entries for June... Gawd. =..=

Anyway, as the title suggests. "Dealing with". And I currently am just dealing with...

With what? Here's a list.


It always rains at this day of the year -- And today it rained weird

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Seldom have I seen an 18th of July that's actually dry... ¬_¬

Was what I've put as today's status message on my messengers. Its funny 'coz it rhymes a little. It just came to mind as I was hauling a couple of tupperwares of macaroni salad and a tray of barbecue to work from Batangas. For what reason? Let's just say the date has something to do with the food. =..=


My recent near death experience -- Yeah I almost died biches!!!

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This should have been posted last Friday if only I didn't fall asleep on my station in the office... Late night reports... Enough of that! =..=

As the title suggests, I'm supposed to rant about almost dying the other day. Specifically last Friday. So let me start...

Like any other day, I usually take the MRT to and from work. And riding the train on a daily basis can sometimes be both enjoyable or disgusting depending on the circumstances.

So this last one I'd just had to share because it was full of FAIL in EPIC proportions.


Interruption -- Another messed up chat log

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I was supposed to post an account of last weekend's events but suddenly... Another messed up IM. ''O|¯|_

I unsuspectingly added this user to my Y!M list thinking it was a guildmate. Since there was a thread in our forums where we can leave our messengers so we can all add each other up for timely conference chats or what nots. And there were several others already who've added me already because of that thread.

Anyway, so I did add this one up. And to my surprise, it wasn't someone I know. =..=



Injustice -- Three things that make a good find not worth it

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This is going to be an untimely rant post but who cares right?

Entertainment. Its what keeps us entertained. I'm a genius I know. Sue me. =..=

Anyway, I get my fill through the interweb more than any local media available.

Besides the fact that I spend around 15 hours a day in front of a PC connected to high speed internet because of my nature of work, entertainment for people like me is just a few clicks or keyboard strokes away. (That's another way of spelling YouTube by the way)

There are also those rare occasions when I get to sit down in front of the old tube at home and just watch whatever is available on screen. And sure enough, one time or another, both medium will reach a median. (Okay that was kind of redundant =..=)


Happy Birthday Mom =]

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Saw this video on YouTube a few weeks back. I don't remember how I chanced upon it and it took me a while before I tracked it again.

It was dedicated to one of their guildmate in WoW. Its a good short to watch. Although I can't say my mom could have been able to relate if she watched this. But like the people who made this video, I know how it feels to miss a loved one.

Happy Birthday Mom. You know we miss you. And don't worry about us. We're still holding up. =]

Credits: Nhym of Madcow Studios


When you thought it was over -- Another messed up chat log

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So last night I said something about hoping that I don't post any more messed up chat logs. Unfortunately... Another one popped up. ''O|¯|_

And immediately after this entry too. =..=

And guess who it came from:

And yep... You read that right. This one's a lot more messed up compared to last night. LOL! XD


Messed up chat logs -- Lolicons sound better than Pedophiles

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So the title suggests that this entry should have a chat log somewhere... LOL!

Well actually just some screens of a chat log between me and a friend since playing Ragnarok Online.

There are just some times when one of us drops an IM to eachother commenting about one's status message or IM avatar.

This recent one was because of me using pictures of girls (who are sometimes girl friends or some random Asian celebrity) and a particular status message which said,

"Hataraki - Make me smile and I'll be yours for a day. Make me laugh and you'll never tell another joke in your lifetime."

Useless info: Hataraki is actually a Japanese word that means working or at work.

And so the chat log goes like this:


e-COW-nomics -- Econimics made simple with Cows

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A friend in the office has been hooked to StumbleUpon and stumbles on a lot of things. One of them is this article about Cows and Economics. I just thought it was funny as hell so I'm sharing it here. LOL!


The Bet -- Because hating the rest of the year starts with a haircut

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WTF are we doing here again?

So here's where I tell the tale of how I lost my hair and state how much I will hate the rest of the year... Not that it makes me feel any different. The fact is I'd still probably hate the rest of the year regardless if I did get a haircut or not. So picking up from when I left of here. Allow me to post images and provide details of why I took on this so called "bet".

So let's start with some basic details to why this "bet" came to start in the first place. Like what made me grow my hair longer than usual?


The Bet -- Prelude to hating the rest of the year

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I really don't like making bets. Why?

1. I don't win that often on bets,

2. The stakes are either not worth it or too good to be true, and

3. I'm never good with bets to begin with. ''O|¯|_

Well what this is, is basically about a bet that was raised by people whom I work with and who are annoyed at my hair. =..= And to my better judgment, I submitted to their whim and dared the bet.


A week-load of funny shit -- Post Mother's Day entry

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I've been suffering from a cold since Saturday last week. Thanks to an unplanned outing by the in-laws to a hot spring somewhere in Pansol, Laguna.

Although the kids enjoyed wading in the kiddie pools, me and their mom took more pleasure just watching them almost drown. They, unfortunately caught a cold after that outing. And because of the worldwide Swine Flu scare, I kind of find it funny that people get awkward when I jokingly say that I may be suffering from it. LOL!

Also, I lost my voice because too much coughing and not knowing why the heck my throat was dry the entire weekend. Although, the thing might have been caused by fatigue from the outing last Saturday and the band rehearsal the following day. ''O|¯|_


The few times I rant -- Who gives a shit?

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During the many occasions where everything is fun. There are some times when one will just tend to succumb to rage and eventually, let the hate loose.

And I quote myself...

You only get offended because you want to be offended with what I say...

... I don't get why my tone of speaking offends people. Its not like I'm fucking insulting anyone or talking down on people.

... I try to say things to lighten up the mood and because I don't want to sound pessimistic when asked questions.

Just some of the lines I carelessly blurted out. And yes, I may have yet again offended people with my untimely rage fits such as these.

The funny thing about these times when I shift to enraged-aggro-mob mode, some people actually find it hilarious. ''O|¯|_


World Builder -- Bruce Branit

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I saw this clip last Thursday night when I got home. I just had to share it.

A strange man uses holographic tools to build a world for the woman he loves. This is a short by filmmaker Bruce Branit known also as the co-creator of 405.

Not taking offense -- Is masochism?

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To each his own... And for some reason, you just can't argue with that. And there's actually a reason why I'm starting this entry with that.

Lately, work has become fun and interesting, again. Regardless of peer pressure or just getting cramped up with work, people are still having fun. There are times when someone just cracks up a joke or shares a funny thing that happened along the way or while doing something. But the best part about working on shifts are the frequent and seemingly aggressive spats. Everyone gets a kick out of it believe me. XD

Not that its a bad thing. But whenever someone responds to a discussion, it automatically becomes tagged as "aggro" and the spat-fest starts. And its not just between two or three people. Everyone pitches in. When someone's being picked on, the others throw in their own a blunt remark or follow up. And we all end up laughing our asses off.


Resurrected! -- Crawling back from the fish tank

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Well what do you know? The last two updates were... almost 7-8 months apart. But I shouldn't be celebrating because there's much to catch up on. The question now is, "Can I still recall the events from those months that I haven't posted anything?" We'll see.

This really shouldn't be long, I'll just use this space to give credit where credit is due.

To Euri for helping with the new layout. Yes I know, this is one of those ready made templates but it just wasn't enough so some modifications were required. And lucky for me, Euri was willing to help a noob. ''O|¯|_

I admit I don't know anything about coding and the old skin was just not motivating enough to blog. Yup I know, sad excuse. But at least the new layout's better. I think... I just hope its not too much if I ask for help on tweaking it some more. LOL!

The banner is from the Plurk Theme Baddie made when I requested for a plurk theme. Been using the theme since then. And so I thought I could use the same image for this blog.

So I've been away and back. Its not really something to celebrate about but I guess delata's back in business. Just wait till I get back with those updates. And I still have to finish some stuff with the new layout so I'll cut it here.