Not taking offense -- Is masochism?

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To each his own... And for some reason, you just can't argue with that. And there's actually a reason why I'm starting this entry with that.

Lately, work has become fun and interesting, again. Regardless of peer pressure or just getting cramped up with work, people are still having fun. There are times when someone just cracks up a joke or shares a funny thing that happened along the way or while doing something. But the best part about working on shifts are the frequent and seemingly aggressive spats. Everyone gets a kick out of it believe me. XD

Not that its a bad thing. But whenever someone responds to a discussion, it automatically becomes tagged as "aggro" and the spat-fest starts. And its not just between two or three people. Everyone pitches in. When someone's being picked on, the others throw in their own a blunt remark or follow up. And we all end up laughing our asses off.

Its a regular thing happening everyday and everyone gets their fair share of bashing. Including me. And sometimes it happens a little too frequent. Its probably the same reason why I changed my display name on Plurk to "An Aggro Kini". Which of course added more fun to lashing back at them every time I get bashed because the name matches the tone of response I make. LOL!

And the reason why I'm writing about this is because my boss jokingly raised it on an chat conversation. Unfortunately, I don't set my messengers to archive messages so I can't remember what his exact words were. ''O|¯|_ I think he said something about "not taking offense". And looking at that, does it mean if someone doesn't take offense from being insulted or ridiculed, and actually enjoy being the target of bashing, count as masochism?

I remember back when I was in high school. (Fuck! That was years ago! XD) These same things happen within the class. And like then, I also had my time of being at the center of it. Even during college! LOL! Coincidence?

So what does it mean when you don't take offense or you don't get offended? Does it mean you're letting people just make fun of you? Doesn't that make you a douche? Or a masochist at worst? No idea. I guess its a matter of outlook. You take on things and how you look at them.

People have their own way of blowing off steam. Some do by playing loud music, some by writing, some by treating themselves to what they fancy like food, gadgets or some good old fashion lovin' (LOL!). There are also those who do so doing not so constructive things. (I would have said "not doing shit" but no one would probably relate to that. XD) And there are also those who do so by getting a good laugh out of someone else's misery. I know I sometimes do. XD

But the thing is, if its between friends, you tend to be tolerant and overlook the fact that you're already being insulted or just getting picked on. You can be "aggro" all you want and just have fun playing along, or you can switch the tables and annoy the shit out of everyone else by taking things seriously. Can't say its entirely good clean fun. But its still fun none the less. Laughing at something funny or at someone funny or being made fun of is still a good way relive tension. But laughing at people who can't see the humor in things can be funnier. Of course I'm also guilty of not being able to see the humor in things. But its a wheel. Sometimes where on top, sometimes we get rolled on.

So, does not taking offense make me a masochist? I absofuckinlutely have no idea. XD


  1. Well, you are a masochist because you LOVE it when we aggro you. Enough said. :D

    I remember back when I was in high school. (Fuck! That was years ago! XD)Was that really YEARS? Perhaps, DECADES. >=P

  2. Thanks for proving it. I guess. LOL!