The few times I rant -- Who gives a shit?

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During the many occasions where everything is fun. There are some times when one will just tend to succumb to rage and eventually, let the hate loose.

And I quote myself...

You only get offended because you want to be offended with what I say...

... I don't get why my tone of speaking offends people. Its not like I'm fucking insulting anyone or talking down on people.

... I try to say things to lighten up the mood and because I don't want to sound pessimistic when asked questions.

Just some of the lines I carelessly blurted out. And yes, I may have yet again offended people with my untimely rage fits such as these.

The funny thing about these times when I shift to enraged-aggro-mob mode, some people actually find it hilarious. ''O|¯|_


World Builder -- Bruce Branit

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I saw this clip last Thursday night when I got home. I just had to share it.

A strange man uses holographic tools to build a world for the woman he loves. This is a short by filmmaker Bruce Branit known also as the co-creator of 405.

Not taking offense -- Is masochism?

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To each his own... And for some reason, you just can't argue with that. And there's actually a reason why I'm starting this entry with that.

Lately, work has become fun and interesting, again. Regardless of peer pressure or just getting cramped up with work, people are still having fun. There are times when someone just cracks up a joke or shares a funny thing that happened along the way or while doing something. But the best part about working on shifts are the frequent and seemingly aggressive spats. Everyone gets a kick out of it believe me. XD

Not that its a bad thing. But whenever someone responds to a discussion, it automatically becomes tagged as "aggro" and the spat-fest starts. And its not just between two or three people. Everyone pitches in. When someone's being picked on, the others throw in their own a blunt remark or follow up. And we all end up laughing our asses off.


Resurrected! -- Crawling back from the fish tank

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Well what do you know? The last two updates were... almost 7-8 months apart. But I shouldn't be celebrating because there's much to catch up on. The question now is, "Can I still recall the events from those months that I haven't posted anything?" We'll see.

This really shouldn't be long, I'll just use this space to give credit where credit is due.

To Euri for helping with the new layout. Yes I know, this is one of those ready made templates but it just wasn't enough so some modifications were required. And lucky for me, Euri was willing to help a noob. ''O|¯|_

I admit I don't know anything about coding and the old skin was just not motivating enough to blog. Yup I know, sad excuse. But at least the new layout's better. I think... I just hope its not too much if I ask for help on tweaking it some more. LOL!

The banner is from the Plurk Theme Baddie made when I requested for a plurk theme. Been using the theme since then. And so I thought I could use the same image for this blog.

So I've been away and back. Its not really something to celebrate about but I guess delata's back in business. Just wait till I get back with those updates. And I still have to finish some stuff with the new layout so I'll cut it here.