Another good week? -- Wash, Rinse, Repeat... And another blog quiz

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What have I been up to? Well... the title basically says what's I've been doing. Routinary? No comment.

I think I need to lay back a while... =.=;;

Well, the past weeks, or should I say the past month, as all the other months have always been, have been relatively slow. There seems to be nothing much to do these days. Just the usual chores, office work, do's and don'ts. You'd be amazed how similar each day in my life is.

How ever, there are those times when I sit back, do nothing, stare at nothing, and think of nothing... absolute bliss? For a fraction of a second, I'd have to say yes. I kinda find it priceless just do nothing since I've been doing a lot already. Its sooooooo tiring.... =.=

Some other things I so include the following: