What D&D Character are you? -- Just another blog quiz. Nothing Special.

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I Just took this test out of boredom. Nothing special to it. Posted it here. I just have a lot in my mind so I took the time to take this dang test. =.=


Open thoughts -- Missing the girl staring at the moon

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I'm just wondering... What next?

Its been days since I messed up my last talk with this girl whom I've grown to like. Actually, 'grown to like' is an understatement. Right now, she's very special to me. But just because I was stupid enough to say something I shouldn't have, it resulted to her actually avoiding contact with me.

How long has it been? 2? 3? 4 days since we last talked? I just hope we can talk. Just for once, or one last time.


Baka baka baka baka!!! -- You stupid stupid fish!!!

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And yes I am. Can somebody just shoot me dead now? Shin sou?!

What kind of an idiot tries to compare the girl he's falling for with his ex? Uhm... Someone named Tuna Caserole or thinks he's Tuna Caserole?

I don't know what got into me, how stupid was I to have ever asked her to take her head band off so I could tell if she does look like my ex. Uhm... maybe I shouldn't have done such a thing.

Note to self:


February -- What to expect this month? Good turn out? Unfamiliarity? What?

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Its already February... What should I expect on this month? o_O

To start off, Feb's a good month. Aside from Valentine being just around the corner, its a quiet month. For me it is. No hassles what so ever. Though there were bumps before January ended, February had this kind of calm breeze. Calm... makes me wonder, will this be a good month?