Baka baka baka baka!!! -- You stupid stupid fish!!!

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And yes I am. Can somebody just shoot me dead now? Shin sou?!

What kind of an idiot tries to compare the girl he's falling for with his ex? Uhm... Someone named Tuna Caserole or thinks he's Tuna Caserole?

I don't know what got into me, how stupid was I to have ever asked her to take her head band off so I could tell if she does look like my ex. Uhm... maybe I shouldn't have done such a thing.

Note to self:

When you get home, try to look for a wall where you can bash your head on.

You stupid fish!!!! >.<

Sigh... So stupid. But know what's frustrating, its that she won't even give you a chance to explain yourself. Yeah I know I acted a little weird from the start of the day, but I just have a lot to think about. The fact that I'm still together with my ex bothers her. The fact that I introduced my ex to my family kinda meant that some things might happen in the future. Or so she assumed.

Reason why I was acting weird, is because I'm scared of being hurt. Afraid that one of these days, she, the girl I'm falling for will head back to the US. I'm scared that she's scared of letting her own feelings get the best of her. Which I think won't happen. She knows what she wants that it leaves me completely clueless to what she's thinking. So I was just thinking, should I back off or not? What else to I have to do now?

I took the risk. I f*cked up. Now all hell broke lose. Again. Can someone just shoot me?

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  1. Yare! Yare! 愚かな魚
    now that I think about it... Are you really falling for her? or just looking for a rebound? step back a little and try to see everything. and like you said to me before... "chill"

    Think with both heart and mind.