Silence -- Very uneasy

When you come to this state... Are you sane?

Uneasy. A feeling I usually get when I'm not in the mood to communicate. Well, to me that is. I wonder if its the same to others.

It was just one of those days that you think everything started out so well. You feel refreshed the minute you wake up. You feel the urge to do anything and everything for the day. But then again, something just comes in which alters all moods that have been preset for the entire day.


Losing grip, losing control -- Your sanity in question

If there's anything someone would hate that much, that'd be to be the state of not being stable. In this case, not being able to control your own line of direction.

Oh yesh... *sarcasm =_="

As I lay still in my ever so stirred up murky watered fish tank, I realize somethings, there are just some times when you think you're losing grip. And yes, it sucks to know that you have no control over your sad excuse for your own life.

Oh I just remembered, I haven't vented out on some issues happening to my blasted life. >_< "Your SANITY is in question".

And for who knows how long all this crap will last you? 10 lifetimes? 20 even. And what the heck can you do about it?