An even longer week -- Nothings changed

I'm just glad January's done.

Nothing god happened this month. A lot of crap and a load of the same old dump that I've previously had since last year. Except for the occasional trips home. Nothing exciting happened. Well, If you consider almost getting killed exciting, then that's the only thing exciting that happened for the month.

It was just an even longer week. Well, too long weeks since my last post. Never thought I'd be saying the same thing.

Let's just hope next month's a lot better than this one.


A long week. -- Really long

Wtf?!! how long have i been gone? o_O My last post was Jan. 14. Hmm... has been that long? o_O I think not.

Okay so lets do a rundown of the last few weeks.

The last 2 weeks wasn't so bad afterall. Well the occasional stress and tension did kick in. But would that stpo you dear Tuna Caserole? Well... here the answer, NO! XD


I'm a genious I tell you!!! ^_^

See the short message board? I just slapped that on today. And boy is it a good one. XD

This is really nothing. I just wanna brag about it. Since nothing happened bad in the last few days. Or weeks if I may add. ^o^

Hmm... What to do this week? What to plan? What to get? What to be?

Hmm... Its gonna be a long week. Or is it?

In the mean time, feel free to use the message board. That's what its there for anyway. =þ


Wahahaha!!! XD

Okay so losing the pair I wanted was a bad thing. But getting a better pair for less is even better. Or did I say that right? o_O

Oh well I just fee happy to get a new pair of sneakers. At last a pair I can trash for everyday adventures. XD

Hmm... what else can I put here? Nothing I think. o_O This is just a brag post. :þ

Haven't updated this blog yet. I wanted to but I dont have the time. I got a tag-board code now. I wonder how to insert the dang thing. o_O

Oh well... Let's just cut this dang thing short. Nothing bad happened today. I haven't done anything stupid for today either.

Its a good day to have fun.


I know a bad day when I see one.

And I really do. >_<

Well, it started a few days ago when I was out with some friends to look for gifts this comming holidays. Well, most of us would expect to find what we're looking for but we didn't. Ask me why and I'll tell you. *evil grin* (nudge nudge, wink wink ^_~') Here's a clue, what do you get when you put four(4) idiots together? Answer: Absolute chaos. \o/ weee~~ Well, we really had fun but still the fact that I didn't get to buy the shoes made me a *ahem "little?" p###ed.


New year? o_O As in... now? o_O

Okay, so its already 2005. What's the big deal? It's not like we're nearing the "end of the world" right?

Well, I just hope this year isn't full of crap just like the rest of the years that I've gone through.

The last one was really awful. Imagine losing your sense of taste during christmas and not being able to eat slid grub? Imagine the food, all those cholesterol, all those grease, all those fat, waiting to slide down you mouth for midnight to bring on. (okay so the description may be a little too disturbing ^x^) Well if losing your sense of taste and not being able to swallow your food isn't bad enough, end your year with a very painful dose of dry cough. T_T I tell you, you'll regret you ever did so during the holidays.

At least that was over. Or is it? o_O