I need a new hobby or something...

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So I just got through with an untimely acoustic gig that was called in a little too short noticed.  Now I'm thinking of doing some stuff for the weekend either as a reward for a long tiresome weekend or something to keep me preoccupied.  I have a lot of stuff to finish anyway and what better time to do them but during the weekends.

So I'm kinda debating on what to do this weekend.


To 28! And to things I need to accomplish before I hit 30!

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So blog, we meet again…

My last entry was, ages ago (a year actually).  So now I post an untimely update…  Although this one is a bit well timed as today is somewhat special.  Why?  Because I will be posting two-years-worth of things that I need to accomplish before I hit 30!

So yeah, today, I just turned 28.  And as much as I have the uncanny knack to be unreasonable and self-righteously hard-headed, I will leave all of those because an article on cracked gave 5 reasons life is better after age 30.  And that inspired me to concoct a bucket list of things I need to achieve before I hit 30.  And I have 2 years to do all of them!

This list may come a little short and can be achieved in a matter of days, but my innate lack of initiative and low self-esteem guarantees that these items be ignored faster than they could be written down.  So for posterity’s sake, I will list the first few ones that I can think of which I could say, provide the most returns for the effort.