Just been a long month

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So I've been away...  I have a lot of tell tales to share but I don't think I'm in my right mind to discuss it.  (And since when have I even been on my right mind?)

And as I try to think of what I'm supposed to post here...  Those thoughts are still running around my brain.  Seriously...  I could use that whole "Nothing Box" concept but its just not working today.  I must have stacked it somewhere behind one of those other boxes...  I'm just not sure which one.  =..=

Although I have been posting updates on my twitter and plurk (and tumblr occasionally).  What runs in my mind don't even amount to any of those nonsense.  (But you may count that I'm still thinking and spewing nonsense at this rate.)

Oh and yeah, if you count the dots in this entry...  Including the dots in the "i"s, "j"s, punctuations (and ellipses)... (Are those what you actually call it?) You'll find 93 dots.  (Not to mention it has 1165 characters including the title, spaces and the "Now Playing" watchamacallit...)

So if you're up to it, go count it and make me happy for letting me mess with your brain.  =]