Yep I can be a dick too -- But I know when to restrain myself

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So here I am again camping in the office...  Yes...  I would've ranted saying "Fuck you Typhoon Ondoy!", but I might regret cursing Mother Nature.  Afterall, I have a feeling that she's been smoking some really powerful shit these days that even the simplest fart from her ends up in catastrophic proportions.

Anyway, this entry was made because of an inquiry Euri made on Twitter. And after I responded to her, I nonchalantly checked on plurk to (maybe) check on previous replies or reply to posts I find interesting.  I ended up reading a shared link posted there by Morrigan which reads "Dick Gordon. He deserves that name."

And yep, I read the entire post and some comments on that Facebook note.

As posted in verbatim...