e-COW-nomics -- Econimics made simple with Cows

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A friend in the office has been hooked to StumbleUpon and stumbles on a lot of things. One of them is this article about Cows and Economics. I just thought it was funny as hell so I'm sharing it here. LOL!


The Bet -- Because hating the rest of the year starts with a haircut

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WTF are we doing here again?

So here's where I tell the tale of how I lost my hair and state how much I will hate the rest of the year... Not that it makes me feel any different. The fact is I'd still probably hate the rest of the year regardless if I did get a haircut or not. So picking up from when I left of here. Allow me to post images and provide details of why I took on this so called "bet".

So let's start with some basic details to why this "bet" came to start in the first place. Like what made me grow my hair longer than usual?


The Bet -- Prelude to hating the rest of the year

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I really don't like making bets. Why?

1. I don't win that often on bets,

2. The stakes are either not worth it or too good to be true, and

3. I'm never good with bets to begin with. ''O|¯|_

Well what this is, is basically about a bet that was raised by people whom I work with and who are annoyed at my hair. =..= And to my better judgment, I submitted to their whim and dared the bet.


A week-load of funny shit -- Post Mother's Day entry

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I've been suffering from a cold since Saturday last week. Thanks to an unplanned outing by the in-laws to a hot spring somewhere in Pansol, Laguna.

Although the kids enjoyed wading in the kiddie pools, me and their mom took more pleasure just watching them almost drown. They, unfortunately caught a cold after that outing. And because of the worldwide Swine Flu scare, I kind of find it funny that people get awkward when I jokingly say that I may be suffering from it. LOL!

Also, I lost my voice because too much coughing and not knowing why the heck my throat was dry the entire weekend. Although, the thing might have been caused by fatigue from the outing last Saturday and the band rehearsal the following day. ''O|¯|_