The Bet -- Prelude to hating the rest of the year

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I really don't like making bets. Why?

1. I don't win that often on bets,

2. The stakes are either not worth it or too good to be true, and

3. I'm never good with bets to begin with. ''O|¯|_

Well what this is, is basically about a bet that was raised by people whom I work with and who are annoyed at my hair. =..= And to my better judgment, I submitted to their whim and dared the bet.

The bet is for me to get a hair cut. And the stake... Well... This is a prelude so I don't have to really give details now. LOL!

It was a tough decision to make, but someone's got to prove what someone's got to prove.

Pictures and details to be posted on the next entry.

One thing's for sure though... I'm sure I'll be hating the rest of the year. It's not really new. I hate it as it is now. But I'll probably hate it more after losing my hair. =..=

I wonder if the band would freak out after tomorrow? Good thing I have something good to look forward to tomorrow.

Namely, this:


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So with that, I jet heading home. I'm positively, definitely, abso-FUCKING-lutely sure that I won't like what's about to happen tomorrow... =..=


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