A week-load of funny shit -- Post Mother's Day entry

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I've been suffering from a cold since Saturday last week. Thanks to an unplanned outing by the in-laws to a hot spring somewhere in Pansol, Laguna.

Although the kids enjoyed wading in the kiddie pools, me and their mom took more pleasure just watching them almost drown. They, unfortunately caught a cold after that outing. And because of the worldwide Swine Flu scare, I kind of find it funny that people get awkward when I jokingly say that I may be suffering from it. LOL!

Also, I lost my voice because too much coughing and not knowing why the heck my throat was dry the entire weekend. Although, the thing might have been caused by fatigue from the outing last Saturday and the band rehearsal the following day. ''O|¯|_

The entire week I had problems speaking up to other people. And the most I can do was give hand gestures or resort to chat just to get my message across. (Thank God for technology! LOL)

Anyway, I'm supposed to dedicate this post as a Post-Mother's-Day entry. Where even though me and the rest of the family were all suffering from runny noses and the occasional body temperature rise, we still enjoyed the weekend. Although I wasn't at home during Sunday because of another band rehearsal, I'd still want to share what made the entire week full of funny shit. So without further ado, here are the top 5 things I have to share from the previous week that happened to be full of funny shit.

5. Commuting. Because I don't drive. LOL! Well actually these are more sick shit than funny but still hilarious at some point. Its just that every time and every day that I commute to office, I end up either witnessing or being at the dealing or receiving end of unfathomable situations. Ranging from getting shoved, pushed, stepped on and almost falling off the ledge of the MRT, to doing the same things to some random jerk who just gets on my nerves, to getting occasionally harassed by big-ass-construction-worker-like fags whom I think enjoy the hustle and tight bustle within the train cars. Makes you wonder if the gas prices were actually the factor why people flock the trains nowadays.

4. Harassment. I'd definitely be enjoying this if I were the dealing end and the victim is a hot chick. LOL! But unfortunately I'm not that much of a creep. Most of the times I get to be the receiving end of this. And unfortunately, most of the times, I get harassed by fags. =..= I mean, seriously. The last time I was harassed by fags was the day I was on the way to work last Friday when we're supposed to get our APE. To cut it short I became a fag burrito. And yeah, those were big-ass-construction-worker-like fags who had me in between their clutches getting rubbed at. ''O|¯|_ I don't have anything against gay people, in-fact I have friends of the same species but they're not big-ass-scary-fags and I don't think they physically harass people. LOL!

3. Swine Flu Scare. I just had to include this. LOL! Actually, its because I had to talk to people that made this funnier. There was a day in the office where a disgruntled subscriber payed us a visit and wanted to get an immediate answer regarding a certain case her husband was served. The funny thing about it was it was her husband who had concerns but she was the one fuming about not being entertained. I wasn't supposed to be creeping out to the lobby but people said this lady kept on asking if the employees coming in to the office are "managers". LOL! Guess she was so aggravated that she had to grab someone else's attention just to be noticed. So I went out being all sick and shit, and asked for any pill for my cold and sore throat. And because I was having problems speaking, and because of the Swine Flu Scare, I played along with the people at the lobby who said I might really be suffering from it. I could've sworn she was about to ask if I was a manager or something but the Swine Flu punch line scared her off. LOL!

2. The Active Office Spats. I've written about this in a previous entry so I don't think I have to give details about it. You just have to include numbers 3 to 5 with this one and you basically have the idea. LOL!

1. Frozen Sinigang. This has got to be the funniest shit I had to deal with during the week. Well just this last Saturday. Since everyone was sick at home, they didn't have the appetite to eat. And to preserve the dish, the wife had it shoved in the freezer. LOL! She defended that the dish was cooked only last Friday so its just been there for less than a day. But just imagine the thing all frozen up that even if you flip the pot over, it just won't slide out. Good thing it was still edible after hyper heating it over the stove. LOL!

My life just gets weirder and funnier by the minute. LOL!

Anyway, since I wasn't able to greet the wife a happy mother's day last Sunday because of the rehearsals. I'll just do to end this entry.

Happy Mother's Day Mi. Thanks for putting up with all the shit I make. =]

And hopefully, there will be more of these funny crap to be posted here. LOL!

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