I took another blog quiz! -- And check out my blog's new feature LOL! XD

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Well, this is just a short update. I just added that flash player snippet. So in-case I don't have anything on my playlist, Something will play automatically. And hopefully, it nullified some unwanted mood.

That would be all for now, ciao! *big grin*


Sometimes... I have nothing better to do -- And a blog quiz

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Sometimes, well... like I said, I have nothing better to do. Well... not during my work but on free times.

Recently I haven't done anything alone for myself. Most of the times my nose has been burried deep in work that I don't think if people in the outside world ever experience the same thing that me and some officemates are actually getting. Talk about life being a complete witch (with a capital B). Well anyway, during work, it would be a long 3 to 4 hour rundown on things that have not been accomplished and those currently being executed. I'd have to say I'm quite thankful to be moved to another department. Well... not that I don't like my previous department but being there for almost 3 years (1 more month and it'll be exactly 3 years), you'd prolly be near fed up with the same job right? Well anyway, I got moved to another department so I'd say the work will be pretty much different (I'll try to post a more detailed version of this story some other time).


It ain't a come back -- Another untimely short update

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Well time for another short and untimely update. =.=

First off, I'd like to say "Congratulations!" to none other than Schweetieplumsh for beating me up in Audition last night. =.= Well... She didn't give me a fighting chance so this is in no way complaining that I lost to her because I was a noob (which she pointed out in her last blog post). =.= Audi's just not my game.

Anyway, other than that, update to myself, I need to put some more things to the blog. Namely:

  1. A site-meter - for me to measure how many people checks this sad excuse for a blog
  2. Another Link-back section - yes some more link backs to sites I visit and the like.
  3. (put something else)
  4. (put something else which is not like No. 3) and
  5. (put something else which is not like No. 4)

Those are just 5 things I need to put in this blog. Oh and maybe a better skin. =.=

Hopefully the next updates will have more of the things happening in my fish tank. You'll be in for a surprise for what's up and comming.

For now... this is just another short... and... untimely update.


An eerie feeling on a weekend -- Stumped (Yes i know my previous post sucked)

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Okay, so my first post for the year sucked. It was in tagalog and a lot of people commented that it sucked more in tagalog than it did before. So... let it be the last tagalog post I make on this blog. =.=

Well, the reason why I'm posting an entry today is because I'm having this weird, eerie feeling. Honestly, I have no idea what the heck this is. =.=

It all started this morning when I woke up. Usually it would be just get up, get something to munch on, take a bath, dress up for work, watch a few shows on the old tube, and head out for work (sometimes I take an early lunch before taking the trip to work). Then when I got to work, I didn't feel like I should work. Well, it had nothing to do with what's in store for the day. Just that stumped feeling where you didn't want to do anything.

Still, as usual, the usual work, on a usual weekend, on a usual shift, on a usual day. Did some in-game events, checked on some mails, did some forum moderation, and the reset were game observations (to some this kind of work is just play, but for us, its work like every other work. minus the stress ofcourse). Well, just the usual things. But it didn't feel right. It felt like something's missing.

Later that day, I browsed on my old friendster account and checked on some old friends. And then it hit me... What the heck am I doing?

But honestly, I have no idea. =.=

This too shall pass. I'm just stumped. LOL!


unang post para sa taon

Nakikinig sa: (takatak ng keyboard, ingay ng air conditioning system, atbp.)

matagal tagal na rin akong hindi nakapag update ng blog. =.=

busy lang kaya hindi ako nakapag update.

sa ngayon... tama na muna to para sa unang post. kung mapapansin ng mga bumibisita sa blog na to, hindi ko na sinunod yung dati kong pagpopost dahil mejo nakakasawa na. sobrang dami nang wanna be's na nagpipilit maging fluent sa pagsulat sa ingles. kahit ako, nababantutan na nga ako sa pagsusulat ko ng tagalog pero sige na, pag-tyagaan na natin. wala naman sigurong magrereklamo kung baguhin ko yung pagsusulat ko.

naalala ko, wala pala akong entry para sa natapos na taon. ni hindi ko manlang nabigyan ng magandang closure yung nakaraan taon sa dami ng pinagkaabalahan ko. (sana ngayon hindi na maging ganun ka busy ang buhay ko para naman mas madalas kong ma-update tong walang kabuluhang blog na to.

nga pala, binago ko na rin yung URL ng blog ko dahil mashadong mahaba yung luma. gumagana na pala ulit yung TagBoard pero baka palitan ko rin yan sakali mang mangyari ulit na mag-down yang lintek na yan.

ay nga pala, para sa kaunawaan ng mga bibisita dito, pakundangan pero hindi ako magpipigil na mag post ng kung ano man na pumasok sa utak ko. (maging mura o cuss word man yon o hindi). blog ko naman to kaya walang pwedeng kumontra. >:D

susubukan kong piliting alalahanin yung mga nangyari nung mga nakaraan araw at buwan para naman mapunan ko yung mga hindi ko nailagay dito.

sa ngayon, tama na muna to para sa unang post.