To 28! And to things I need to accomplish before I hit 30!

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So blog, we meet again…

My last entry was, ages ago (a year actually).  So now I post an untimely update…  Although this one is a bit well timed as today is somewhat special.  Why?  Because I will be posting two-years-worth of things that I need to accomplish before I hit 30!

So yeah, today, I just turned 28.  And as much as I have the uncanny knack to be unreasonable and self-righteously hard-headed, I will leave all of those because an article on cracked gave 5 reasons life is better after age 30.  And that inspired me to concoct a bucket list of things I need to achieve before I hit 30.  And I have 2 years to do all of them!

This list may come a little short and can be achieved in a matter of days, but my innate lack of initiative and low self-esteem guarantees that these items be ignored faster than they could be written down.  So for posterity’s sake, I will list the first few ones that I can think of which I could say, provide the most returns for the effort.