To 28! And to things I need to accomplish before I hit 30!

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So blog, we meet again…

My last entry was, ages ago (a year actually).  So now I post an untimely update…  Although this one is a bit well timed as today is somewhat special.  Why?  Because I will be posting two-years-worth of things that I need to accomplish before I hit 30!

So yeah, today, I just turned 28.  And as much as I have the uncanny knack to be unreasonable and self-righteously hard-headed, I will leave all of those because an article on cracked gave 5 reasons life is better after age 30.  And that inspired me to concoct a bucket list of things I need to achieve before I hit 30.  And I have 2 years to do all of them!

This list may come a little short and can be achieved in a matter of days, but my innate lack of initiative and low self-esteem guarantees that these items be ignored faster than they could be written down.  So for posterity’s sake, I will list the first few ones that I can think of which I could say, provide the most returns for the effort.

1. Lose weight.  This comes at top priority.  Not because I’m health conscious but because I’m more and more disturbed about looking like a pot belly pig the more I see myself in the mirror.  I know, that was a horrifying way to describe myself and you’re already probably picturing me way after reading this.  But believe me when I say that I dread it more and deal with it each time I get up to dress up for work. (Of course that’s after I do all my morning rituals.)  Another reason is because people’s metabolism rate slows down after age 30.  So it’s even more disturbing to think that if I don’t do anything to lose weight in the next 2 years, I’ll end up as a behemoth when I hit 30!  Not to mention I have that slap-bet with James that should take place this coming November.  Details on that will be posted after the actual slap-judging.

2. Get a six-pack.  No not those beer cans.  Heck I can’t even hold my alcohol…  I practically suck at drinking any kind of alcoholic beverage.  Anyway, this comes immediately after losing weight.  Why, because I want to have a good set of pecks for whenever I have the guts to take my shirt off (and most especially during the summer season).  Well, ever since The Wife and I have been together, and during the times when her side of the family decides to head out for a swimming trip, I always feel disgusted at my pot belly.  Imagine a dude, at his mid-20’s sporting a gut like he’s drinking beer all the time?  I dunno how other guys do it but I’ve known people who drink like there’s no tomorrow but they don’t have any semblance of gut protruding like a mono-boob with inverted nipples.  I stand at awe at the sight of men my age that are gutless…  And from then on I swore, the tables will be turned when I hit 30.  I will sport pecks and will stand proud whenever I take my shirt off in public!  *evil laugh*

3. Hold my alcohol.  Okay…  This might not be the right place for this one because the first two is about losing weight.  But why do I need to learn to hold my alcohol?  For one, alcohol has been a well-recognized vehicle for socializing and interacting with peers or people you’ve just met.  I feel I’m missing a lot of things life has to offer because…  IT ONLY TAKES A BOTTLE OF LIGHT BEER BEFORE SOMEONE CAN USE ME AS A MOP TO CLEAN UP AFTER A BOOZE NIGHT.  Really…  Typing that made me feel even more pathetic.  And because I can’t hold my alcohol, I’ve turned down a lot of critical booze nights that could have helped improved my social standing.  Yes, being able to drink a lot CAN increase your social standing.  If beer or alcohol increased any stats in real life, I swear it could have been +charm, +charisma or +diplomacy.  (Has anyone heard of a drunk employee get to convince his drunk boss for a raise?)  Anyway, to some extent, I need to learn to hold my volume of alcohol...

4. Go back to jogging/running.  And now I go back to being retarded.  After trying to lose weight, and training for alcohol, I attempt yet another retarded activity to include in my daily life.  And that is to jog/run.  Seriously, why do people even need to do this?  If you can go from point A to point be just by walking, why do you need to speed it up?!  Doesn’t that just add more stress on the feat?  Sure, you’ll get there faster, but walking requires less strain right?  But in all honesty, I have been running since August last year until September.  I lost *cough*some*cough* weight but was easily gained back when I moved to my new work.  Of course, free food is always welcome.

5. Grow my hair longer.  I’ve actually achieved my all-time longest hair length.  It was almost 7 inches from root to tip after getting completely shaved bald.  I plan to grow it longer.  Thought The Wife has already expressed her objection on this, I still plan to grow my hair regardless.  (Or unless, required by work to actually get a haircut.)  But I will attempt to grow my hair longer than I have ever in hopes of accomplishing the next item in my bucket list.

6. Get dread locks.  Yes, this has been an on-going debate with The Wife.  She knows that the only reason I am growing my hair is to get dread locks.  She detests it with a burning passion.  According to her, dread locks are, dirty, unclean, untidy, dumb, stupid, irritating, annoying, stink, and causes itching.  (I seriously have no idea what she meant by it causing itching).  She hates the idea of me getting dread locks with a burning passion.  She’s even gone as far as declaring that I will have to sleep on the floor if I do finally get my long overdue dreads.  And do I look like a person who’d care sleeping on the floor?  No.  I’ll be sporting dread locks so I might as well enjoy looking and living like a hobo as long as I have them.

7. Go to Enchanted Kingdom or any theme park.  Sue me.  Despite the fact that I have lived really near the place, I have never, as in NEVER set foot on its pavement.  I know this sounds really retarded (and will only get worse as I expound) but I have never, for the life of me, even had the slightest motivation to just go there and do whatever it is that people do there.  Of course I expect fun, some gut-wrenching, tummy-turning, vomit-inducing fun but how can any man pass on the opportunity to scream like a pants less cheerleader and get away with it?!  The closest I got to it was while playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent and I was seriously trying not to flinch but the game managed to cut off my balls and leave me screaming like (for lack of better terminologies) a pants less cheer leader.  So yeah, I should try to go to EK and just enjoy myself.

8. Learn to drive / Get a driver’s license.  Despite the fact that I don’t own a car, I still want to learn to drive a motorized vehicle.  I believe this is a necessary survival skill in time for impending doom or the zombie apocalypse.  Or maybe just so I have a valid excuse to borrow someone else’s car when they’re not using it.  (Yes friends who own cars, trucks, vans, bikes and what nots, this is an obvious hint for you all).  But seriously, there are times when I just hate commuting.  Not because of the traffic, or the rush, or the rage-driven bus drivers on the highway, or the jeepney drivers who just suddenly pulls over on the middle of the road.  But because of times when its better to drive to a place instead of commuting.  Like family outings, gatherings, night outs *snickers*night outs*snickers*.  Because driving to those destinations are just less hassle instead of commuting.  Plus you hold your own time.  A for the driver’s license…  Those things are shiny and pretty and would match my new wallet!  X3

9. Have a routine exercise program.  No, not the physical type.  If there’s anything I want to prove, its that I’ll slim down without doing anything intensely physical.  (Does this nullify the first two things I just posted on my bucket list?  o_O  I hope not.)  Anyway, its more for my fingers.  No, I don’t even mean in a kinky way.  I just need to have a steady working finger exercise training regimen.  For what you ask?  For the next item on my bucket list.

10. Be better at playing bass.  And yes, this is the next thing I need to achieve immediately after getting a six-pack and holding my alcohol.  Why?  Because its awesome to be able to play bass like a god.  Imagine, I can play the bass, I look good playing the bass and I can get piss drunk after playing the bass.  Isn’t that something?!  But seriously, I’ve been playing guitars since I was in 4th grade.  I picked up the bass when I moved to College.  I got serious on the bass when bb invited me to play for them.  So the next logical step is to get better at playing the damn thing.  Better like MASAKI better.  Or John Myung better.  Or…  Leland Sklar better!  Or just be better than I am now.  I just need to get to the next notch.

11. Make / design websites.  I’ve just recently finished a web development course from Phoenix One.  And I’ve yet to get a project website other than the one I’m making for the guild I belong to.  It would be nice if I can do some more projects and put this newly acquired skill to use.  And hopefully it doesn’t conflict with work.  Or maybe I could actually use these projects to look like I’m busy at work but actually doing something completely irrelevant to work.  This might actually work.

12. Get back to writing / drawing.  This might be one of the most unreasonable thing I can think of.  But as a geek, who loves any and all things that inspire geekiness.  I have always thought of papering a full length graphic novel which would later be called a copy, imitation or unoriginal by fellow geeks because let’s face it, every anime, manga, drama or movie script that has been written has been played or told in various ways that you’ll later realize similarities with a classic or from a different author.  But still this thing is one of the things I hold the most frustration in because it challenges me to be creative.  Or I could just be laze and make doodles that make fun of things that depress other people.  So yeah, comics are cool and I want to make them too!

12 things to accomplish in two years.  Two years is too long to just limit to these items.  But given my nature to cheat, skip and forget about things I’ve said, I give myself a little over a few weeks before I give up on any of these things.  Not very assuring right?  Still, its a fun way of attempting to do things I’m sure I can’t do.  So here’s to these items on the bucket list, and more to come!

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