What is the right question?

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The week has been heavy. And so have the previous weeks. Its only now that I realized I haven't freaking blogged. So now I write this entry. =..=

I've been posting the same question on Plurk since Wednesday. I meant it to be rhetorical but people thought of it as a karma booting plot. LOL! Unfortunately, it didn't serve that purpose. So I guess this entry should at least be able to explain why I've been asking such a nonsensical question. As it was sparked by a lot of events and so have people's reaction to those events followed.

Its only normal that people react after catching news or hearing something they're not prepared to hear. Well how the heck can you call it news if you expected it? =..=


Screw Disorientation -- A change of pace

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As the title suggests... Screw disorientation. Since I can't blog during the evenings. Might as well blog first thing in the morning right? No objections. This is not a topic for discussion.

Anyway... I've been lurking the interwebs and have been watching a lot of random and fan made vocaloid produced music and videos. Particularly, Japanese music. This last one so far had me playing it over and over.

The song is entitled "Palette".

Credits: MMD - MikuMikuDance

I'm pretty lost for words right now so I'll let the video speak for itself.