What is the right question?

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The week has been heavy. And so have the previous weeks. Its only now that I realized I haven't freaking blogged. So now I write this entry. =..=

I've been posting the same question on Plurk since Wednesday. I meant it to be rhetorical but people thought of it as a karma booting plot. LOL! Unfortunately, it didn't serve that purpose. So I guess this entry should at least be able to explain why I've been asking such a nonsensical question. As it was sparked by a lot of events and so have people's reaction to those events followed.

Its only normal that people react after catching news or hearing something they're not prepared to hear. Well how the heck can you call it news if you expected it? =..=

While some people end up is kicking and screaming, I just nod and think of what I need to do. Now I'm not saying I'm trying to be cool or what. Deep inside my mind, I'm saying "What the fuck?!!" But I really don't have the will to say it aloud or make a fuss about it. I guess it has something to do with not being able to take offense. And its help me built quite a tollerance over awkward situations. And "awkward" in those situations would really make you say "Un-fucking-believable!"

There were instances when I hear people saying "What if all of a sudden I just... Let's see how it works." Sometimes I hear something like, "This isn't fucking worth it." Or the occasional, "This is just frustrating." or "Working with... is so frustrating." And my personal favorite, "Fuck you all!" Although the last one always sounds like a joke.

I'm not saying these thoughts never crossed my mind. Honestly, they did. And that's also the same reason why I've been asking my self, "What is the right question?"

Anyway, the last few days have been rough not just on me but on everybody as well. And being in an environment where you'd either be able to hear or be the one involved in conversations about the recent new got me thinking, "Is it wrong if I'm trying to be calm in this situation or am I just retarded?" And so I end up going home wearied and dumbstruck in awe. And yes, as a result, I end up sleeping later between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM. Not to mention I wake up at 5:30 AM to get prepared for work. =..=

So after all that, do you think you know what the right question is?

Oh and yeah, this was supposed to be posted yesterday morning but I just had to drop it until later. Thank you procrastination!

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