My recent near death experience -- Yeah I almost died biches!!!

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This should have been posted last Friday if only I didn't fall asleep on my station in the office... Late night reports... Enough of that! =..=

As the title suggests, I'm supposed to rant about almost dying the other day. Specifically last Friday. So let me start...

Like any other day, I usually take the MRT to and from work. And riding the train on a daily basis can sometimes be both enjoyable or disgusting depending on the circumstances.

So this last one I'd just had to share because it was full of FAIL in EPIC proportions.


Interruption -- Another messed up chat log

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I was supposed to post an account of last weekend's events but suddenly... Another messed up IM. ''O|¯|_

I unsuspectingly added this user to my Y!M list thinking it was a guildmate. Since there was a thread in our forums where we can leave our messengers so we can all add each other up for timely conference chats or what nots. And there were several others already who've added me already because of that thread.

Anyway, so I did add this one up. And to my surprise, it wasn't someone I know. =..=



Injustice -- Three things that make a good find not worth it

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This is going to be an untimely rant post but who cares right?

Entertainment. Its what keeps us entertained. I'm a genius I know. Sue me. =..=

Anyway, I get my fill through the interweb more than any local media available.

Besides the fact that I spend around 15 hours a day in front of a PC connected to high speed internet because of my nature of work, entertainment for people like me is just a few clicks or keyboard strokes away. (That's another way of spelling YouTube by the way)

There are also those rare occasions when I get to sit down in front of the old tube at home and just watch whatever is available on screen. And sure enough, one time or another, both medium will reach a median. (Okay that was kind of redundant =..=)


Happy Birthday Mom =]

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Saw this video on YouTube a few weeks back. I don't remember how I chanced upon it and it took me a while before I tracked it again.

It was dedicated to one of their guildmate in WoW. Its a good short to watch. Although I can't say my mom could have been able to relate if she watched this. But like the people who made this video, I know how it feels to miss a loved one.

Happy Birthday Mom. You know we miss you. And don't worry about us. We're still holding up. =]

Credits: Nhym of Madcow Studios


When you thought it was over -- Another messed up chat log

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So last night I said something about hoping that I don't post any more messed up chat logs. Unfortunately... Another one popped up. ''O|¯|_

And immediately after this entry too. =..=

And guess who it came from:

And yep... You read that right. This one's a lot more messed up compared to last night. LOL! XD


Messed up chat logs -- Lolicons sound better than Pedophiles

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So the title suggests that this entry should have a chat log somewhere... LOL!

Well actually just some screens of a chat log between me and a friend since playing Ragnarok Online.

There are just some times when one of us drops an IM to eachother commenting about one's status message or IM avatar.

This recent one was because of me using pictures of girls (who are sometimes girl friends or some random Asian celebrity) and a particular status message which said,

"Hataraki - Make me smile and I'll be yours for a day. Make me laugh and you'll never tell another joke in your lifetime."

Useless info: Hataraki is actually a Japanese word that means working or at work.

And so the chat log goes like this: