Injustice -- Three things that make a good find not worth it

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This is going to be an untimely rant post but who cares right?

Entertainment. Its what keeps us entertained. I'm a genius I know. Sue me. =..=

Anyway, I get my fill through the interweb more than any local media available.

Besides the fact that I spend around 15 hours a day in front of a PC connected to high speed internet because of my nature of work, entertainment for people like me is just a few clicks or keyboard strokes away. (That's another way of spelling YouTube by the way)

There are also those rare occasions when I get to sit down in front of the old tube at home and just watch whatever is available on screen. And sure enough, one time or another, both medium will reach a median. (Okay that was kind of redundant =..=)

My point is, there are things that you find first on the interweb that hasn't reached the local entertainment scene yet. And to you, those are good fresh finds. But thanks to our local entertainment media, those good fresh finds suddenly turn into "not worth" the watch or listen to entertainment minutes.

An example would be what local variety shows put up as part of talent production numbers for artists such as dance numbers or stage song performances. And last weekend, I had a huge ass bowl serving of injustice for what to me are good finds on the internet.

Well mainly, my gripe is sparked after seeing several local weekend variety shows spend production and air time for performers dancing or singing to a specific Korean Pop group song which I so got lucky to find sometime late March this year. You can click here for details to know which specific Korean Pop group and song I'm talking about. And yes, it has a date to reference when I came across the single.

I don't have anything against the local variety shows' segment production team and producers, but having one too many renditions of a song sometimes disgusts the hell out of some audience. Like me. (And I'm not saying all the audience as well because some just like watching things over and over again. =..=)

And props to the artists who actually danced to the tune of something they don't entirely understand for uhm... A good performance... I guess...

This rant is getting long already. So without further ado, here are the three things that for me, makes good find not worth it.

When you hear the song being repeatedly played on almost all radio stations. Of course they'll be played on the radio stations! I actually don't mind hearing them. But hearing them over and over again is a different issue. I can tolerate repeatedly playing a song if it were on an MP3 player. I just find it wrong that the songs plays once, then cue in commercial, then the song plays again after because of a request. WTF right?! Thank god for mp3 players.

When you hear people around you singing along or lines from the song. Singing the song is actually nice. I could say its a talent for who ever will be doing so. But if they make an awful rendition of the song like mispronouncing the lyrics or going off tune... Its just painful. Not to mention if they're not eye candy. I'd prefer looking at someone really cute messing up on the song than something else less flattering.

When local TV shows start having segments of artists or individuals performing to or the song. Of course this tops the list! Its just too much and far too many. And worse, when talent searches out of these songs start appearing. =..=

Honestly, I'm all for variety. I listen to music from anywhere in the globe as long as I can get my hands on them. How I get them, I'm sure you know. LOL!

And yes, I'm biased to the interweb. I can live with out any TV or cable for the rest of my life but not without internet.

I'd like to extend the list but I just ran out of juice for it because of the disgust and disappointment...

Lastly, my message to who ever would read this that might get offended. Don't be offended. You're giving me too much credit if you do. I'm just posting what I think. And I think, this is just messed up. Ya dig? =..=


  1. Its not anger ser. I was annoyed. The locals are driving me nuts. ''O|¯|_