My recent near death experience -- Yeah I almost died biches!!!

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This should have been posted last Friday if only I didn't fall asleep on my station in the office... Late night reports... Enough of that! =..=

As the title suggests, I'm supposed to rant about almost dying the other day. Specifically last Friday. So let me start...

Like any other day, I usually take the MRT to and from work. And riding the train on a daily basis can sometimes be both enjoyable or disgusting depending on the circumstances.

So this last one I'd just had to share because it was full of FAIL in EPIC proportions.

The day started out normally. With me waking up to my phone's alarm and crawling down and off the bed from where I stay at in Marikina. I usually wake up around 5:30 AM on my phone's watch but I for a fact know that the time's been set 30 minutes in advance... And so the normal morning routines follow... Let's leave my morning routines alone because the thought of it is just not pleasant.

So going out I usually take a trike ride from inside the subdivision all the way to the highway where I can grab a jeep or an FX cab. Unfortunately, that day, it was a bit drizzly because of a previous storm forecast. (But the storm wasn't as bad as we expected. =..=) And thanks to Murphy's Law... There was just no trike waiting in line that time so I had to walk from where I was all the way to the highway. And the length of the walk would be 300 to 400 meters. I didn't mind the showers but I just so happened to bring a not-so-thick jacket with be from home (Batangas) during the start of the week so it wasn't enough to keep me dry. =..=

So from the highway, I luckily caught an FX cab and got off at the Cubao MRT station. The time then was a quarter past six so there weren't that many people on the platform. (Or so I expected. =..=) Thanks to the forecast, there were more than the usual number of people who also have this habit of going to where they're bound either earlier than usual or cramming on the last minute. Most of them follow the latter habit. And it took a couple of crowded trains before I got on one. The first two trains that I didn't got on were actually a little less crowded compared to the one I got on. All thanks to the mob that was blocking the doors and pushing people inside the train respectively.

So inside the train I stood. Amidst the crowd I mind my own listening to the loud blast of my MP3 player. Then just as soon as the train doors were about to close at the Santolan/Annapolis Station, the EPIC occurred... A policeman's side arm, (I assume it was a .45 just from the look of it) went off just a few inches from where I stood. I tried to check if my leg was shot or something, checked if I was hit anywhere but luckily I wasn't. =P

However, it did hit the said officer on his right leg where his side arm was rested resulting to him grunting and mumbling about the pain and about the crowd not giving way. Oh, and yeah, his right leg was already bleeding as he was ranting at the bystanders. Because of the commotion I had to take off my headphones for a while and with that I heard the officer saying... "Sabi naman kasing makikiraan eh..." Which translates to "I've been asking to make way..." And I didn't have the enthusiasm to listen to the rest of his rant so I've put my headphones back on.

The officer and 2 other policemen (whom I didn't notice were standing behind me) got off at the next station. So that ends my EPIC near death experience.

Now I start my rant.

First, as a police officer, it probably is standard operating procedure that your service firearms should always have its safety on at all times unless in compromising situations. Any means of public transport can indeed have these compromising situations but NOT ALWAYS.

Second, I can't say I don't care what happened to you, but I can't really pity you for the accident. I was standing inches away from you. How the fuck do you think I would've felt if I was the one who got shot? Much worse, if I got killed because you didn't have your gun's safety on?! Jezuz!

Third, blaming the crowd is not really a valid excuse. Given the fact that the trains are relatively crowded during rush hours, you not getting off at the exact station you wanted to is nothing more than a consolation to what the transport group claims as fair service. Although I can still commend you for keeping your poise because I know how excruciating you might have felt after actually getting shot in the leg. I may not have an idea of how it exactly felt, but your facial expressions were enough to say "It fucking hurts!"

Honestly, you were really man enough to endure the pain. And I know for a fact that the training you took to get where you are is no walk in the park. So I still have enough respect for you as a law abiding citizen.

Anyway, this is getting quite long so might as well end it. Although I remember this isn't the first time I've almost got canned so to speak. I wonder if I can still recollect those memories of my near death experiences. Hopefully. But in another entry.

I still get to keep my life to enjoy so I'm good with that.


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