Messed up chat logs -- Lolicons sound better than Pedophiles

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So the title suggests that this entry should have a chat log somewhere... LOL!

Well actually just some screens of a chat log between me and a friend since playing Ragnarok Online.

There are just some times when one of us drops an IM to eachother commenting about one's status message or IM avatar.

This recent one was because of me using pictures of girls (who are sometimes girl friends or some random Asian celebrity) and a particular status message which said,

"Hataraki - Make me smile and I'll be yours for a day. Make me laugh and you'll never tell another joke in your lifetime."

Useless info: Hataraki is actually a Japanese word that means working or at work.

And so the chat log goes like this:

And yeah, I realized that I have been chatting that way more often that I do before. I guess I'd have to blame work for that again. LOL!

But that's beside the point! The argument here is that Lolicons really do have a nicer ring to it than being called a Pedophile! =..= I mean, what's wrong with ogling younger chicks? Its not like I do anything to them? I just ogle at them. And isn't that normal? Err... At least for guys like me. LOL!

Anyway, I don't think there will be any follow up posts about chat logs because I don't really archive chats. For some reason I just built a habit of not saving archives.

Anyway, this should suffice as a short update post. I'm kind of tanked with work so I'll probably just leave shorts like this to keep this blog rolling. LOL!

Hopefully the next entry will be about the Lucena Mardigras Gig that me and the band just had.

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