Entry 37, No title -- Last entry for March

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Been out bumming for the month. Not that much has happened. Other than the usual 'take-care-of-the-baby' routine before work and during day offs. Its all plain wake-up, do house chores, run errands, do some more house chores, get ready for work, work, play a little, sleep in the office, wake up, go home, wash-rinse-repeat. Those sort of stuff.

Been seriously *eherm* working and trying to be patient and calm. All I can say is that March didn't feel like happening.

Niwei, listening to some oldies kinda payed off. One of my officemates had an assortment of mp3s which included the one playing right now. Made me think on some things (details will be posted some other day. I'm too bummed out to post details.)

Funny thing, this song kinda had some significant lyrics on it.


Late entry!!! -- Gone last February

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Very very late update!!! T_T I was away for almost a month. Well, a month and a half to be precise.

I was really busy with life. And my life just got a lot busier.

Why? Here's why: