Late entry!!! -- Gone last February

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Very very late update!!! T_T I was away for almost a month. Well, a month and a half to be precise.

I was really busy with life. And my life just got a lot busier.

Why? Here's why:

Yup! You got that one right, meet 'Little Tuna Caserole' in the flesh! LoL! I was just kidding. The kid's my son. And his name's not Tuna Jr. =P It's Keith Nigale. Nickname, Kiel. =P

The picture above was taken a week after he was born. Right now, he's already a month old.

Some more pics:

Sleeping... He looks like an angel when he's sleeping. XD

Kiel with his mom. Hmm... just finished bathing?

Kiel with my grandma and my cousins Gio and Ella.

Best shot I took. Kiel giving a 'WTF are you looking at?!' expression. XD

Generally, the feeling's indescribable. The kid, he's good. ^^ Well, let me cut this short for now. Hopefully I'll be able to update in the comming weeks.


  1. I LOVE that WTF look. Hahahaha. Takes after his own daddy, doesn't he?

    - haze

  2. weird... i know i approved all 3 comments but the other 2 disappeared... o_O

    oh well. :P