Apathy -- Freedom from emotion

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What feeling do you represent?

You represent... apathy.
You don't really show any emotion. You can be considered
cruel and cold, but you just don't really care about anything.
This is just the way you are... you're quite a challenge
to get close to, and others may perceive you as boring.

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Its funny how sometimes online quizzes and trivials gets to tell what you are or what you feel near to perfect. Though, I'd like to describe myself to be a bit more stioc than apathetic. But I guess this works for me.


Don't you just wish you can pause time? -- Or press rewind? =.=

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Have you ever wished you could at least control time once or just for some certain situations? Get a chance to pause it or something? Just now... I do.

Actually... I've just seen the movie CLICK which stars Adam Sandler the other day. No it has nothing to do with me hating some things in life. Just with some situations. Like on some occasions when I said somethings bad, did some things wrong, or made bad choices.

Funny thing though, the remote control in CLICK can only show you things from your memory and not change them. It can fast forward you to your future but you have no control on the things happenning. Its not a time machine. You'll just later regret things you've done or said after seeing them in play-back. And just like that... it'll just hit you hard that you can't do anything after pressing that 'play-back' button.

If I had a chance to go back from that time... I would change some things. Like saying 'hello =]'. But I can't.

I'm sorry. I really am.


Back to basics -- What to expect living a normal life

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Tomorrow, I officially go back to living as a normal human... err... entity. (Sorry I haven't considered myself human from the way I've been behaving for the last few months.) Mostly I've been an ass and have been driving people away for no apparent reason. Let's just say I was in that "FSCK OFF!!!" moods that I usually get into.

Back on topic. What's there to expect? Going back to being a day-crawler (Yep, the type of entity who crawls rather than walk through the day. And I'd rather crawl off my bed than walk away from it.) I'm a bit skeptic at going back to "normal" living. I feel that there's a lot of things to catch up to. News, socializing, poverty, the day-to-day rantings of incompetent citizens that I will be encountering, politics... this should be interesting.

I'm a bit of blank today. So much things to think of. So much things to plan for. I'll prolly make a list of what I should do for the next few days. If I get lucky, I might finally get that credit card I've been applying for. All for the sake of fulfilling the need to buy the *cough*updates*cough* of a certain MMO. >:D

Gawd I need to do a lot of things for this month's 2nd half... And I have to do it alone... =.=

A normal life? A simple life? Maybe not. They've just given me the thing they'll regret the most... letting me live during the daytime. >:D

Time to wreack some havoc... And that's going back to basics. >:D