Spare Time: An update after so long -- This entry is not 56kbps friendly

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Last entry was October 19?! What happend? o_O

Well actually a lot of things happened. So much things that I didn't have the time to update this blog. Well... at last... here's an update.

First on the line, I'd like to rant. Why? Because for some reason, my tagboard here was all screwed up. Screwed up in a sense that everytime I check this blog, the damn pop up always well... "pops up"! I mean... WTF is up with that?! =..= Its the same reason why I haven't made any effort to update. Well... on the contrary... this IS an effort of updating. =..=

Anyway, I hope I wasn't the one who had his tagboard screwed up like that. Now as everone can see... I've taken the damn thing out from the sidebar. And lets hope the damn pop up doesn't "pop up" again.