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Last entry was October 19?! What happend? o_O

Well actually a lot of things happened. So much things that I didn't have the time to update this blog. Well... at last... here's an update.

First on the line, I'd like to rant. Why? Because for some reason, my tagboard here was all screwed up. Screwed up in a sense that everytime I check this blog, the damn pop up always well... "pops up"! I mean... WTF is up with that?! =..= Its the same reason why I haven't made any effort to update. Well... on the contrary... this IS an effort of updating. =..=

Anyway, I hope I wasn't the one who had his tagboard screwed up like that. Now as everone can see... I've taken the damn thing out from the sidebar. And lets hope the damn pop up doesn't "pop up" again.

Next on the line is that I'd still like to rant. Why? Because for some reason, I don't have enough time to allot for myself. In what sense... let's say for rest and recreation. The past few weeks, I've only got some few hours to slug out on some games. Aren't day offs supposed to be for r&r? o_O

Anyway, it's not that much of a bother that I can't have the same length of playing time I used to have. The other thing is a matter of financial concerns. And that's on line 3. What I'd give to just have one full day of rest (sleep) and recreation (catching up on some hobbies) to spend for myself.

Line 3. As I mentioned, financial concerns... =..= Why? Promise me you won't go all out hysterical on this one. Okay?

I got my credit card application approved about a month ago. Had it activated and... used it as reserve cash during those "drying times". Actually that was the reason why I applied for one anyway. So using it should be okay for me. Thing is, I'm not the one using it. Well... you could say I'm the one using it because I'm aware of all the purchases I made but it wasn't me who was making the choies of the purchases. Guess who. >.<

Anyway... the card aleady reached more than half of its credit limit in a span of 1 1/2 months. Isn't that just great?! ¬_¬ I mean... 1337 gr34+! right? So... who'll be paying the credit card bills? o_O Andwer... Me. ROFLcopter! =..= /sarcasm

Last on the line... I've been craving to catching up on some hobbies lately. Some of it is to brush up on playing guitars, sketching, and... err... bumming around? (if you can call that a hobby).

I dunno if its just me... or has the world suddenly gone smaller and smaller for me. =..= Like what I always rant about here... I just want some time for myself. That's all. Capish?!

Niwei... I think this is good enough for an update. Reminder I've just taken down the tagboard so if anyone has something to say... feel free to leave a message.

I'm still thinking of changing the blog template and the blog url when I get the time. For now... let's make do with the "no tagboard" blog.

Crap... I just remembered... I should take down the tagboard on My Lost Notebook blog.

Anyway... these are some good watches. Jerry C rocks! When I get the time I'll be learning these songs. =..=

Jerry C - Whose Autumn

Jerry C - No More Distance

Jerry C - Cannon Rock

Enjoy! =]


  1. been addicted to that canon rock by jerryC. I even downloaded the mp3 through limewire.

    I have it on my ipod AND i even downloaded that song in my o2jam. I often fail trying to play it. lol.

    So this is your blog now eh? :)

  2. Hi Dee! =]

    Yeah this is "still" my blog. Took down the tagboard. And yep. Jerry C rocks. But I'd bet 1000 bucks my dad can cream his arse on the guitars.

    LOL >:)