Interruption -- Another messed up chat log

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I was supposed to post an account of last weekend's events but suddenly... Another messed up IM. ''O|¯|_

I unsuspectingly added this user to my Y!M list thinking it was a guildmate. Since there was a thread in our forums where we can leave our messengers so we can all add each other up for timely conference chats or what nots. And there were several others already who've added me already because of that thread.

Anyway, so I did add this one up. And to my surprise, it wasn't someone I know. =..=


The offer was quite tempting and I think I can actually get away with the cash after I drag the guy to one of the strip joints my relatives run. But recently, news about a certain international actor who died in a hotel somewhere in Southeast Asia crossed my mind.

It was suspected that the so called death of the actor was not accidental but was some what a murder case involving prostitutes... Well you can assume the guy has some weird sexual fetishes to be ganked the way he got pwnt.

And another thing that crossed my mind would be the possibility of this guy just fishing for an unsuspecting victim to what ever fetishes he fancies. Scary shit. And I don't fucking dig those kind of shit to begin with. =..=

Other than that, there have been people who suddenly track my messenger IDs for no apparent reason and start bugging me about cases somewhat related to my line of work. Which to me is annoying to some point because they seem to assume that doing so actually helps them resolve their cases. It actually doesn't. And it doesn't have anything to do with adding me or what so ever.

And apparently, no one ever admits how they got hold of my messenger IDs! WTF right?! Now I think I know how it feels to be stalked. (If this was anything close to it.)

So if you happen to be that guy in the log and you happen to come across this entry, good luck looking for a sucker for your bait! LOL!

I ain't that dumb to fall for this shit. I should be doing this shit to begin with! ROFL!

So in the end, I make a note to myself... Never add people up unless you verify them to belong in your group of friends or within the online community you're participating in.

What a FAIL. ''O|¯|_


  1. First, you got MOLESTED, then there was this other thing that happened (that I actually forgot what it was), now you're being HIT ON. Aren't we the total "guy" magnet here, you jackass! ROFL!

  2. Its not my fault that these things happen to me! ''O|¯|_

    I would've preferred it more if it were hot chicks molesting me though. But why these fags?! >..<

  3. If they were hot chicks, you wife is already chasing you with some sharp object. Like, uh, a samurai for example. :P