It ain't a come back -- Another untimely short update

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Well time for another short and untimely update. =.=

First off, I'd like to say "Congratulations!" to none other than Schweetieplumsh for beating me up in Audition last night. =.= Well... She didn't give me a fighting chance so this is in no way complaining that I lost to her because I was a noob (which she pointed out in her last blog post). =.= Audi's just not my game.

Anyway, other than that, update to myself, I need to put some more things to the blog. Namely:

  1. A site-meter - for me to measure how many people checks this sad excuse for a blog
  2. Another Link-back section - yes some more link backs to sites I visit and the like.
  3. (put something else)
  4. (put something else which is not like No. 3) and
  5. (put something else which is not like No. 4)

Those are just 5 things I need to put in this blog. Oh and maybe a better skin. =.=

Hopefully the next updates will have more of the things happening in my fish tank. You'll be in for a surprise for what's up and comming.

For now... this is just another short... and... untimely update.

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  1. newb~!!

    nevertheless i still wub j00~ *hugs onii-sama*

    we had nice pictures. XD