The few times I rant -- Who gives a shit?

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During the many occasions where everything is fun. There are some times when one will just tend to succumb to rage and eventually, let the hate loose.

And I quote myself...

You only get offended because you want to be offended with what I say...

... I don't get why my tone of speaking offends people. Its not like I'm fucking insulting anyone or talking down on people.

... I try to say things to lighten up the mood and because I don't want to sound pessimistic when asked questions.

Just some of the lines I carelessly blurted out. And yes, I may have yet again offended people with my untimely rage fits such as these.

The funny thing about these times when I shift to enraged-aggro-mob mode, some people actually find it hilarious. ''O|¯|_

Its weird that people find me funny when I'm serious and serious when I try to be funny. Now that is fucked up. =..=

Honestly, I do feel guilty (sometimes) about the things I say or do out of rage. But the guilty feeling doesn't really last because most of the times people don't really take me seriously. There are just those times when you have to put your foot down and let them feel the hate. LOL!

And I actually realize the humor in the things I've said and done after a while. =..=

And these things don't just happen at work. Where I am is where I'm at. So if I think that you deserve to get pooped on. You should be ready for what I have to say. LOL!

I was actually supposed to post this last night but I just had to call it a day. Thanks to DotA sessions I calmed down some how. You can read the rest of the Kini-ranting-but-still-gets-bashed entry here. Who knows, you might actually end up laughing at how enraged I was and how everyone still managed to bash the shit out of me.

Ending this, I'd like to say that I won't change just because I've realized my faults. I'll still be the same swearing-cursing-Kini but that doesn't mean I don't know when to say sorry.

Like I mentioned in that Plurk post.
Madali naman ako kausap. Maraming paraan para ipaabot sakin na hindi ka or kayo natutuwa.
Translation: I'm not that hard to talk to. And there are countless ways for you to tell me that you don't find me or the things I say or do funny anymore.

Basically, I can take what I can dish out. So don't think I'd be offended if you do tell me. Just be honest and swear or curse if you must. Just as long as you can get it out of you so we don't spread the negativity.

And being a jerk doesn't really make me less of a person. So screw you if you don't agree with that.