Resurrected! -- Crawling back from the fish tank

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Well what do you know? The last two updates were... almost 7-8 months apart. But I shouldn't be celebrating because there's much to catch up on. The question now is, "Can I still recall the events from those months that I haven't posted anything?" We'll see.

This really shouldn't be long, I'll just use this space to give credit where credit is due.

To Euri for helping with the new layout. Yes I know, this is one of those ready made templates but it just wasn't enough so some modifications were required. And lucky for me, Euri was willing to help a noob. ''O|¯|_

I admit I don't know anything about coding and the old skin was just not motivating enough to blog. Yup I know, sad excuse. But at least the new layout's better. I think... I just hope its not too much if I ask for help on tweaking it some more. LOL!

The banner is from the Plurk Theme Baddie made when I requested for a plurk theme. Been using the theme since then. And so I thought I could use the same image for this blog.

So I've been away and back. Its not really something to celebrate about but I guess delata's back in business. Just wait till I get back with those updates. And I still have to finish some stuff with the new layout so I'll cut it here.


  1. WIN! For plugging me! \(^_^)/

  2. Haha. Of course. I owe you one for the layout. Sana lang pwede ulit McRequest. LOL!