The Bet -- Because hating the rest of the year starts with a haircut

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WTF are we doing here again?

So here's where I tell the tale of how I lost my hair and state how much I will hate the rest of the year... Not that it makes me feel any different. The fact is I'd still probably hate the rest of the year regardless if I did get a haircut or not. So picking up from when I left of here. Allow me to post images and provide details of why I took on this so called "bet".

So let's start with some basic details to why this "bet" came to start in the first place. Like what made me grow my hair longer than usual?

It started after I convinced the wife that I won't be getting a haircut on Orange's (our daughter) first birthday. Instead I will be growing my hair enough to get dreadlocks for a few months and then go back to sporting my old haircut. She agreed after a few months of negotiation where I had to state the fact that all I've been having as hairstyles during my entire life were the occasional shaved head, to my regular short hair to the less appealing nest-like vegetation that I eventually grow. This is actually the second time that I've managed to grow my hair long enough to have it tied behind my head.

Yeah I know this side shows more hair than I see on the mirror

The first time was before my Kiel's (my eldest kid) first birthday but I got a haircut the same time he got his first shaved head. LOL! But it wasn't as long as the recent one. I got called "Pedro Penduko" more often because or my hair and this series which was running back then.

What triggered the bet for me to get a haircut? Well lemme give you the stakes first. And with that, let's start with the penalty.

1. Penalty. And anyone who won't be able to comply with their wagers will have to treat the rest of us to some big ass Yellow Cab pizzas! LOL!

WTF?! Who said anything about treating out?!

2. Bangs. An officemate of mine dared to have her hair done and sport a bangs just so I'd be encouraged to just drop the idea of getting dreads and get a haircut. Actually it wasn't the real reason why I got a haircut. Negotiation wasn't supposed to be open regardless of any offer. LOL!

3. Curls / Locks. (And I can't find a reference link damn it!) Another officemate of mine dared to get curls in exchange for me getting a haircut. Similar with the first wager, this shouldn't have had any weight to the bet. But she's actually the person that gets annoyed the most because of my hair. LOL!

4. Wardrobe Change. The same officemate who dared with getting curls threw in another wager claiming that for an entire week, she'd purdy up and dress a lot more lady-like compared to her more casual everyday ensemble. Now this is something you don't usually see her do. And its not just me who'd actually want to see her do this. LOL!

5. A +7 Set. And yep. This one wager made the difference. =..= I was offered a +7 Impulse Set with Senoir Gloves and Boots if I show up to work with my hair cut. And yep... It got the best of me. ''O|¯|_

So I say goodbye to my dreams of getting dreads... =..=

Don't worry hair... You'll grow back again... I'll miss you... T^T

And because of that haircut, here's what I look like now...

For some reason... I feel like there's something wrong here... =..=

Bottom line... Never deal in-game items with a gamer... The gamer will actually bite the offer. ''O|¯|_

Oh and yeah, here are those two officemates who started the bet... Anyone interested on their details, don't hesitate to message me. LOL!

And yep. I hate my hair cut... ''O|¯|_


  1. Naaah, it'll grow back again whether you'll love or hate this year. XD.

    Wag lang shang "magtampo" at maging kabuhok mo yung black guy sa High School Musical.

  2. Lol. I love the new hair. 8D