A long week. -- Really long

Wtf?!! how long have i been gone? o_O My last post was Jan. 14. Hmm... has been that long? o_O I think not.

Okay so lets do a rundown of the last few weeks.

The last 2 weeks wasn't so bad afterall. Well the occasional stress and tension did kick in. But would that stpo you dear Tuna Caserole? Well... here the answer, NO! XD

Still I don't feel like its 2005. Believe me. I've had better years than this one. I winder if there'd be any change as the days progress. =_= Its the same old crap everyday. Dont you just grow tired of the same old things? Hmm... maybe I should get one of those... whachamacallit? o_O Hmm... stres releivers would be nice. How 'bout those thingeys on the shopping network? o_O Crap that's the only thing I see in the TV today. Everything just a dial away. Hmm... doesn't make sense huh? I'll elaborate. We are now living in the supposed "push button" era. Which apparently is not true. Were still living in the "no work, no pay" world that we have always been in. A spoiler that i can add is, its all about crap.

Nothing changed that's why I didn't post for the last few weeks. Everything seemed like an everyday routine habit. And do we see ourselves doing these things? I do. =_= No change. 2005? Nah... Its still the same. No improvements yet.

Spam. Not the food. It means trash. And this is what its all about.

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