New year? o_O As in... now? o_O

Okay, so its already 2005. What's the big deal? It's not like we're nearing the "end of the world" right?

Well, I just hope this year isn't full of crap just like the rest of the years that I've gone through.

The last one was really awful. Imagine losing your sense of taste during christmas and not being able to eat slid grub? Imagine the food, all those cholesterol, all those grease, all those fat, waiting to slide down you mouth for midnight to bring on. (okay so the description may be a little too disturbing ^x^) Well if losing your sense of taste and not being able to swallow your food isn't bad enough, end your year with a very painful dose of dry cough. T_T I tell you, you'll regret you ever did so during the holidays.

At least that was over. Or is it? o_O

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