I know a bad day when I see one.

And I really do. >_<

Well, it started a few days ago when I was out with some friends to look for gifts this comming holidays. Well, most of us would expect to find what we're looking for but we didn't. Ask me why and I'll tell you. *evil grin* (nudge nudge, wink wink ^_~') Here's a clue, what do you get when you put four(4) idiots together? Answer: Absolute chaos. \o/ weee~~ Well, we really had fun but still the fact that I didn't get to buy the shoes made me a *ahem "little?" p###ed.

Day 1

You saw the shoes but didn't bring the money to buy it. You then tell the sales attendandt that you'd probably get back after a day or two. When you got back the next day, the only pair available doesn't fit you. You then look for the same model or another model elsewhere. But the closest thing to what you want was still in that store. But when you got back after a few minutes, even the pair that doesn't fit you was sold. And you didn't even get to ask the model of the shoe. Stupid ain't it? >_<

Day 2

You looked for other shoes in other malls. But you only got exhausted and still didn't find a shoe that'd match your taste. You find another shoe, the one that you've been looking for a few months ago. How the heck did you miss that shop from a feqw monthe ago. But you didn't buy it because you didn't have enough money with you. The next day, you went straight to that shop and asked an attendant for the shoe that has gone missing at this time. She tells you that "it" was sold out. Well?... any comments? >_<

Arrrrrrgghhhhh!!!! >_<

Really tough huh? WELL YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!!!! >_<

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