A rundown of 2004 -- The year that was...

2004, hmm... what can I say about this year? A lot I think. In this year, I did a lot of things. Not to mention a lot of insane antics.

To sum it all up, 2004 is one heck of a year for me. A lot of tension, a lot of stress, a lot of fun, a lot of development, and a lot more left undone.

The year started slow. A lot of work to continue from the job I was currently in. There was a lot of travelling, a lot of talking, a lot of *eherm* "manholes" to get into and a lot more paper work to finish in the office. It was all a clockwork routine from day to day. And so, the stress. I wonder when the same thing will happen again? o_O

Then there was the time I applied for another job and got turned down. Well, its not much to bring up anyway so let's leave it as it is. Despite the fact that I'm still wondering why the heck I got turned down for just missing half an inch from their height requirement. o_O Life sucks i know. Well for most of us it does a little.

There are also a lot of occations duting this year. And some of them I *cough* forgot to remember. =_= And unfortunately, I forgot some of them.

During the last quarter of the year, I had to move out of my old boarding house. I believe I did this twice for the year. And I ended up living in another friends pad. Well better than not living elsewhere right? Honestly, I'd prefer living there that taking a few months with my mother's relatives here.

I got a new job after graduation and did a lot of... hmmm... "new?" things. o_O Well I really did a lot. Or did I?

And another thing, this year is full of crap. Like the last one. The only difference is that I didn't get all the crap that I got unlike the last year. Not only that, I forgot most of the things that happened for this year.

And what do I expect in this comming year? Well this question is to be left for the end of the year. Another rundown in the making.

New year is just around the corner.

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