February -- What to expect this month? Good turn out? Unfamiliarity? What?

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Its already February... What should I expect on this month? o_O

To start off, Feb's a good month. Aside from Valentine being just around the corner, its a quiet month. For me it is. No hassles what so ever. Though there were bumps before January ended, February had this kind of calm breeze. Calm... makes me wonder, will this be a good month?

A good thing about Feb is that I got to introduce my ex to my family. Well, my mother's side of the family at the least. Uhm... why did I do that? Well, she's the mother of my/our soon to be born child. Though we agreed to some circumstances concerning us, we're not denying the fact that we are the child's parents and our family deserves to know our well being. Funny thing, my grandmom and aunts were speechless when they saw her. But after a few minutes, they got to ask how well she was doing with the child. Those were just casual conversations but I know they're glad to see her in good condition. And to have finally met the girl I used to be with. I already told my grandmom about me and my ex's situation so she didn't ask her anything anymore. Honestly, I dunno what she's thinking right now. Not even her, but also, what my aunts and uncles are thinking. Its nothing hard on me, just thinking what they'd say. Since some of them already know of our situation and what we(me and my ex) agreed upon. Something I wait and see when I get home later today. Enough about that.

And I got to get home... err... visit Lucena after god knows how long. Anyway... I arrived at our house around 2:00 AM. Reason for this is because I fell asleep on the bus and woke up on the RORO station. Heck, I was scared the boat might ride one of those things and end up somewhere I don't know. But the driver assured me we'd leave back for the highway after a few minutes. And we did. Back to the house, I had to sneak in on my uncle's front gate to get to our house. And not just that I had to walk from where the bus dropped me off all the way to our place. Well, I did get to chomp on something that the local fast food outlet has to offer. Again again again... back to the house. After sneeking in from the front gate, I had to knock my dad to wake up and open the door for me. And boy was he surprised. So just that. I was back at home, and my dad pointed out how clean he made the house. Guess what, he threw out everything I kept. I mean, all the things I saved back from highschool. Certificates, sketches that could be rendered as my portfolio. All gone. Not to mention the whole series of posters from the whole publication of Culture Crash Comics which were all autographed by their writers and owners. Well what's lost is lost. Too bad for me.

Now what more to expect this month... More I guess.

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