Fire in the hole!!! -- The best and worst day for this week

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Well, to sum it all up, a lot of things could happen in a day. Sometimes it starts good, then ends bad. And sometimes, it starts bad, and ends good. In my case... It was bad, to good, to bad, to good. Thank god the day's ended.

It started with me going home from work. Of course, I should've been home around 1AM after shift. But it was so hard to get home from the office somewhere in Makati to where I currently stay in ParaƱaque. Thing is, I just sleep in the office after shifts and go home the next day. Then take a nap before going back to the office.

The day started out bad. As I said, bad because I had to go home alone, endure a long line of commuters and an almost 1000 meter walk from the MRT station to the jeepney station. I didn't get to eat breakfast (and dinner for the last night's shift) so I'm a little pissed at the fact that I have to leave early for Batanggas.

At home, I was greeted by my grandma, who had just celebrated her birthday durung the last night and had a lot of stories about what happened while I was out on work. Well, I actually thought I missed all the fun. But since my cousins were awake, they dragged me along back to our grandma's room for breakfast. By the way, I already ate before I decided to go upstairs and take that nap I so longed for after that exhausting trip. So come down back to the room. This time, we were waiting for lunch. And during that time, we were only teasing eachother on some mature/wholesome/sarcastic jokes. And so, the first part of the day was from bad to good.

After lunch, I had the chance to take a nap (which to my dismay only laster 15-20 minutes because it was so darn hot in our room). Awakened by the room temerature, I decided to take a bath and tidy up for my trip to Batanggas. But since everyone was planning on leaving for Novaliches, the dang bathroom had a line on it. And I had no choice but to go back to the room and try to take a longer nap. And I thought that was bad... just as I was about to fall asleep, in come my cousin who says the bathroom's now free. Talk about bad timing. -.- And so I went down (again) and got to take my ever so anticipated bath. Refreshed, I came out dressed up and took the trip to Batanggas. On the way, I almost got hit by 2 trucks, a passenger jeepney, an L300 van, and a service tricycle for a water refilling station(?). It wasn't because I was absent mined, I was just walking and minding my own way, then I realize I was inches away from death. -.- Talk about bad day. Major bad day. -.-

The trip to Batanggas, I was supposed to talk to my ex's folks for the plans on our little bundle of joy's future. Thing is, my ex texted me to not go straight to their house and wait for her on a fastfood establishment because she wanted to stand beside me while we deliver out plans to her folks. Much to our expectations, actually, we expected them to just be at home, but we arrived at their place, with her dad, having a small drinking session with his brother. It was only the two of them so we might as well talk to the dad. Since the mom already said that the dad's the only one who can decide on our little proposal. I dunno if it was because he was tipsy or a little drunk that he woudn't comprehend the simplest thing we say, (actually he kinda grilled me when I said I wanted to provide support for my ex and the kid) we were just asking for their consent. Rather, his consent to allow me to be recognized as the child's father. He just blurted out something like,

"Do you think that financial support is enough to save the shame you gave us? You've already destroyed our pride the moment you didn't want to agree with the marriage."

Uhm... I wasn't stomping on their pride. But I understand how much he wanted to kill me that time because I am (as others say) running off from my ex. Which apparently isn't true. Me and my ex already agreed that we are to bring up the kid on our own. But since she's living under her folk's roof, we had to consult the matter with them. Which... the answere above pertained to. It was a good thing that her uncle (her dad's brother, of course) understood what we wanted to propose.

We just wanted the child to know that he never lost both parents. We only wanted the child to know that he/she has a father or a dad, (which is me) whom he/she can blame in the future if his/her life f*cks up. We wanted the child to know that he/she has parents that care for him. Though me and my ex might not get back together, we agreed on this. And this is what we think is best for the kid. Well, our talk didn't last that long. We had to resign to the fact that her dad kinda understood, and still can't decide on the situation because he just doesn't like the thought of me not putting up for the crap I've given them. I had to go home looking forward to the day when we'll get to talk a little more calm over the matter (with no beer of course). I also thanked my ex's uncle for seeing my point and kinda understanding what we wanted for the kid. I left after I said my thanks and wished that I'd get a chance to talk to my ex's dad again before she gives birth.

So that's bad to good to bad... the last good thing is, I got to update my blog's template. Thank you Blogger Templates.

That's just it. Oh and yeah... I missed talking to her.

Anyway... FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!! XD

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