On familiar grounds -- It comes to a full circle

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And now I'm back to where I used to stand. Back on familiar grounds. It turns to a full circle.

Just when I thought everything else will change... I find myself standing back on familiar grounds... on shattered grounds. Shattered grounds... just when I thought I was already on stable grounds, I later realize that what I'm standing on had then again gave on and sunk.

There's actually two people making me feel that I am on the same grounds I used to be before. And these are their words:

"I often wonder how would it really feel to labor for hours, swetting buckets, screaming at the top of my lungs and swearing Kenny to hell. I sometimes think of what our baby's gender is *btw, I haven't had ultra sound pa eh, I thought if he'd look like his father or me and if he'd be as pasaway and stubborn as I am or be as determined and calm like his father.. but I don't really mind aslong as he/she is healthy."

↑ The girl I just broke up with...

“I’m sorry… I know how you feel, believe it or not I do. I’ve walked in those shoes. I’m so sorry to cause you so much pain. Especially now, just when you needed him most. I’m so sorry…”

↑ And the girl close to me right now...

Now where should I stand? I'm practically back to a place I was avoiding to be in. And it sucks for me to know that I can do nothing but wait till it ends. And on what ever result... I'll still stand on what I'm assuming to be my most stable ground... Just leave things as they will be.

What will be will be. Be it good or bad. If it will be good, good. If bad, no regrets. Que sera, sera.

I'm just wondering... Will these circles meet and form links? Paths to where ever they may lead? Perhaps... things only left to be seen someday. Another one on the grill.

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