Dealing with -- A short rant


Okay, I guess all that's left for me to do is to post a rant because I don't have any other entry for July. And to think I was able to make 5 entries for June... Gawd. =..=

Anyway, as the title suggests. "Dealing with". And I currently am just dealing with...

With what? Here's a list.

1. Life. Of course this will be the first entry on my list. If it weren't, then I wouldn't have made this entry right? Well this is not really one of those "I hate life" rants. But rather, more of the "Why I hate what I hate" kind of reasoning. And these thoughts aren't really as disturbing as I make them sound if you get to spend a day with me. But its just that I move on day-in-and-day-out. And work is not really a different subject but my life somewhat revolves around it. So there's absolutely no reason why I won't be talking and saying shit for everyone and everything around me. None the less I'm "dealing with" it.

2. People. Granted that people are strange. But in my line of work. It is inevitable for me to not interact with people. Infact, I spend almost the entire shift of the day talking with people. Be in with those I sit beside my station, or across, through chat email or any messaging media. And for some reason, this is probably the most valid reason why I start having those "Why I hate what I hate" thoughts. Simply because they instigate it. I'm not a very vocal person as I do most of my rants here. But if I do lash back, you'll find it quite unbecoming of me (well that is if you actually consider the usual pot-shooting me "normal"). And I do admit these spats with people are more of a mutual understanding. After all, you can't start a fire without something to burn, and something to light it up. Right?

3. Situations. But of course. Without a scenario, there's nothing to discuss about, no topic. And these "situations" happen quite often. Not just with me. But with everyone as well. I would love to cite an example but I reserve the topic off from discussion because it includes present company. And as much as I have a lot to say about the things happening around, it would equally mean that they too have a lot to say (or even more) about it or me in general. However, this does not discontinue my subtle hints regarding "issues" and "incidents" concened.

4. Contingencies. Of course one should always have a back up plan for any possible situation. And for some reason, these things are not quite unnoticed by usual critiques. Its enough that arguments start with "situations" but apparently, no one pays attention to "contingencies". I guess I can say that to them, you can only fail once. And failing is an already grave mistake. But my argument is that "contingencies" are devised to mitigate any possibility of incurring further damage to the original developed process. To me, its better to have a readily prepared crowd control measures than work your ass trying hard NEVER to fail. Which of course is virtually impossible. One can only prepare to a certain extent.

5. Post mortems. We could say its close to an autopsy (yes I know you've actually searched for the word). But its more a review. Well... Supposedly... But unfortunately, the review turns into a superbowl of finger-pointing and dicking-arounds. Everyone just has beef on one another. And this is probably the most proper venue to dish it all out. I personally wouldn't want to be involved in these orchestrations. But when push comes to shove... I will have "my fist into your face" (pun)

And I said this was short. Who cares?!

Although, I wonder if I should paint a more detailed picture next time? Perhaps. In due time... *smirk*


  1. *rubs head*

    *feeds cookies*

    Ganyan talaga ang buhay...

    "Lalaban tayo!" -- ROFLMAO! XD

  2. a big punch is what you need