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Finally an August entry! Much has happened during this month that has kept me away and at bay from posting an entry. Whoa! I typed in something that rhymes! LOL

Anyways, this is a rather late entry with regards to the buzz that's been out since Thursday last week. News has been out and ArenaNet has finally released an update to their much awaited follow up to their Guild Wars franchise.

Enter Guild Wars 2 - In the Shadows of Dragons!!!

Website: Guild Wars 2
Video: ArenaNet's YouTube Channel

I'm still speechless because of this and I'm just blogging about it. LOL! And yep, this definitely calls for a celebration! Now where did I put my GW installers again? ''O|¯|_

This is just me being a geek. And you'll probably get more of this from me when I rummage through my screenshots archive just to post GW geekery.

End post.