2007 > 2008 -- Dormant for 7 months but alive nonetheless =]

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This will be short... as in really short.

2007 has been a blast. A lot of things have happened. Some of those things didn't even reach this blog. LOL!

Well, since this blog has been dormant for the last 7 months, I might as well say it will probably be dormant for the next few more months. That is until I get time to post entries, update skin, etc.

Work has been very busy. A lot of stuff has happened that made work a lot tighter. But its cool.

Family life's fun. Specially seeing your kids grow like their on fertilizer. LOL!. Its a great experience.

Social life... well... this is still not a factor in my life. I don't think I have that much time to spend on these stuff. Although I do have times that I can probably spend just bumming around. And bumming around isn't something like doing something productive. ^^;;

Band Life. This is new. I got to be in a band a friend of mine and some of his old friends formed. Did some gigs and stuff. You can check the band at Opensked - Friendster Profile.

Well, like I said, this one's just short. When I'll start blogging again... no idea. LOL!

See ya! For now that is. =]

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