Standing over the edge of time -- Its another "ordinary" new year

As of 1 AM PST, I am officially... err... do I have to say my age? o_O

Well... here's an overview of the past *ehem* year.

1. Crap
2. More crap.
3. Even more crap.
4. More crap still.
5. Another load of crap.
6. A tub-load of crap.
7. An unbelievable ammount of crap.
8. When will crap end?
9. Holy crap! It's my *cough*...
10. >_<"
11. Need I say more?
12. Crap.

Well... to tell you the truth... having to age another year "almost" feels like not aging at all. But during the last few weeks... (and though I failed to update my blog for a month) I've been constantly thinking of how I'll be able to change? Change for better, not for worse of course. But for some reason... I don't really feel any change at all. Its just an ordinary day. And like all of them ordinary days... its still crappy. Recently I've been up and doing a lot of things. Some about work, some for family, some for myself, some for other people, there's just too many things to do. And everyday something new comes up and you have to do what there is to match with the changes. Or in some... situations. Just asking... is there anything new there? So many things have happend for the last couple of months. I almost got hospitalized for fatigue. But heck, I'm an Ox (just an expression) for Pete's sake! "Batu!!! Iston!!! Sidimintary!!!" <-- Laff trip XD

Honestly, having to age for another year really doesn't rub off like those silver things on cell cards and electronic loads. More than that, It never did change. You just end up doing the same old things again and again... and again... and again... Makes you think... Where is the edge of time?

It's just another "ordinary" day. In another "ordinary" year. In your "ordinary life". In this case... "my ordinary life".

I just love my fish tank! XD

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