It's been a month already? o_O -- I was just busy

Crap! That's all I can say. T_T

The last few *ehem* weeks or should I asy month since my last entry was soooooooooo~~~ dang long. Exhausing that it comes to a point that I can almost see myself dropping dead the next day. But I don't. And I'm glad about it. Since no one would want a dead "you" around .

And yes... I've just been REALLY REALLY busy.

Here's an image of what i've been up to lately.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(taken from the GuildWars website)

For those who visited this sad excuse for a blog... well... Let's all hope I get to update it this month. And I'll be posting what I ended up with in the last few weeks... err... month. =_=

And oh... I just remembered... I hate Mondays. >_<

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