A Profitable Weekend -- Not advisable to be read by people eating infront of their PCs

Well not literally, but the last weekend was really profitable. And take my word for it... Profitable.

The day was sunday, I got home from work and wanted to do nothing but bum around and stay away from anyone's reach. To my surprise, James, my housemate decided to stay home and do the same. We had nothing left to do but stare at the picture tube of our living room TV and oogle at what our cable-less recreation system has to offer.

Then we decided to do the unthinkable. James had been pointing out that our room air conditioning unit hasn't been working properly. Well... from my point of view, it cooled the room to my satisfaction. He was sure that the evaporator had frost build ups and a good maintennance would do the thing. We agreed to pull down the unint and gove it a good bath. While we were figuring out how to pull down the dang thing, James took a scredriver and unscrewed the cover of the air-con's front pannel, revealing a damp... or should I say, a rather wet car radiator-looking evaporator. And heck did it really look like one. All black in dirt and looked like tar would pour out the dang thing. We removed all the styro-pore boards that blocked the seams of the unit from the wall before we pulled the unit down. And yes, something did pour out. Water from god know's where. >_<

We got to pull out the unit from the wall and bring it down to the lower floor of our house. And I friggin looked like a caveman after that. All dustied, and some of my body was covered with grease like dust that rubbed off the unit. Still in awe, I asked James when the unit was first cleaned. With a wide grin on his face, he chuckled and said, "just now... lemme count... it was 2 years after it was put up there... haha!" And guess what, that fact did show us what we expected. And revealed a lot more... (This part you have to skip if you're eating... believe me... >_<)

We hosed the whole unit to give it a good cleaning. Not all of the dirt rubbed off so James had to brush it using a worn out tooth brush. And guess what happened when we tilted the stupid thing... TAR!!!! as thick as jello slided from its chassis. And it wasn't a pretty sight. >_< So much for that. After we were done with the cleaning, we brought the unit out front of the house. We just laid it under the scorching sun so it'd dry up.

I slept after this and woke up with James and our other housemates dragging the unit and sticking it back to the wall. As soon as it was back and the seams were sealed, James turned the unit on to see if it would still work. Oh yeah... I forgot to mention that we panicked because we directly hosed the unit. We cleaned the dang thing thought we don't know what we're doing. XD And yes... The unit worked normally. Thank god it did. Or we might resort to natural air-conditioning. >_<

A very profitable weekend indeed.

Oh by the way, I am aware that I haven't updated my blog for... hmm... almost a month? o_O and I only put an entry per month.


  1. can't believe they also spam blogs now.

    - haze

  2. this is f*cking stooped! >_<

    this is my friggin blog!!!

    no spams please! >_<

  3. wahahaha, this is kinda odd, spam comment...


    anyway, what did you do to the black jelly, did you eat it? it could've been fun if you throw it on a moving LRT. hehe...


  4. jello. LOLZ! *rolls over laughing*