Out of circulation -- A very complicated disposition in life

Hmm... If my memory serves me right... I didn't have any posts for September. O_o"

Well the reason is similar with the title of this new post. I was literally out of circulation for the past month. And I think It will stay that way a lot longer.

It started out when everyone found out about my little secret. I don't want to talk about it here. I'm leaving it undisclosed as of the moment. Yes, things like these do happen in life. So its up to you to think it over.

Back to topic. The past few weeks or should I say the past few months have been relatively complicated. I had to go through a lot of struggels both emotionaly and psychologicaly. And if that's enough, try adding a little peer and work pressure to your already cramped up lifestyle.

Believe me its a miracle I'm still sane.

You get the occasional text messages from people you don't want to hear from. You get the occasional threats because of a possible outcome of what you might or might not do. You get the occasional bit*hing from your folks and their contiuous nagging. You get the occasional bit*hing of other people around you. You name it, you got it!

Well, I don't want to sound so idealistic but life's not like what it was before. Tough you want things done right, everything seems to make it go the other way. You end up confused in one full circle. And maintaining your sanity's the most important thing you should take in mind. To sum it up, everything just got more complicated.

And you start to wonder... What the heck did you do wrong?

We all know that life's hard. It gets harded if you try to live it alone. Well... on second thought... Life's really hard wether you live it alone or with someone. Despite the fact that you're not doing anything wrong, you still get tons of crap.

And will all those things happening in your life, you get lost. Lost in circulation. You can't seem to keep track of all the things happening. Thus your absence from other people's knowledge.

And that's when life gets a lot more complicated.

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