I'll just laugh this one out -- For now...

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When irony spells itself right in front of you?  What do you do?

I just got back from doing field work and of course the day wouldn't be complete without some news.  Well...  Not really news but information.  Which of course will be defined or identified in a matter of...  Who knows?  Months?  Weeks?  Or even just days.

The day had already started shady.  Despite the fact that the sun already reeled its bright head to bathe everything in its radiance.  LOL!  Funny, I've been using that line a lot lately.  Though it actually is consistent.  The same way 'consistent' can also be defined in various manners from where I currently am.  But I guess it won't serve me any purpose if I try to be too revealing in this entry.  So I might as well not.  Summary idea would be 'bad'.  Definitely bad.

Tonight I'm to reflect on a matter of things of great issue right now...  Not really a life and death situation but as I started this entry, its all about 'irony'.  And I was thinking of how constructive I was supposed to write about a recent... 'scenario' I've been drawing that caused people to react.  That may be for another day.  For now, I'm only blabbering like this to keep what's left of my sanity.

So again I ask, what do you do when irony spells itself right in front of you?  Well...  I'll just laugh this one out.  For now...  Just to be sane...

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