Mistakes -- Live and Learn

"Yes, make your "mistakes" early. ...and LEARN from them. So many people think they're better just because they went through it. Live AND learn.

Never forget the lessons.

It's not a guarantee that it'll never happen again, but it'll be a form of training to be able to handle the situation when it arises again." -- Joe Gamer

Mistakes are there for a reason. For you to repeat them. Get me? Wash, rinse and repeat. And for some reasons. I'm thinking that making a mistake is the only "right" thing to do.

I guess everyone would beleive me when I say, we learn from mistakes. And sometimes, we even regret making one.

It's already April. I should've posted this entry way back since March. Forgetting is one reason. Neglecting is another. But still, both of them are mistakes. Question is, "did I learn?"

The last few days have been really sore for me. I've never felt so down so low. It's like you're being pressed down by an unknown force and its keeping you from getting back on your feet. but then you realize, you made it happen, deal with it. You only realize after doing so.

But then again, when will we realize if we don't make a mistake?

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